Week 5, 1st October 2013


Teacher Training day

Guitar – Lesson


Conservation – Hairy Conservationists – Met with Bristol Home educators for a talk on the rare plants growing on Avon Gorge, how they are using Goats to carry out conservation work, then searching for the goats and checking that they are healthy.DSC_0009-3_edited-1

Maths – Prime and Composite Numbers

English – Describing words relating to foods, write paragraphs using these words.

Chemistry – Looking at safety in the Laboratory.


English – They, They are and Their

Biology – Using a microscope looking at cotton, hemp and straw.  Understanding Magnification

Astronomy –  Light pollution and Eratosthenes and the earth’s diameter

Science –  Video

Guitar –  Practice


Maths & ICT – Prime and composite numbers revision guide, using Excel to create a template, auto fill in numbers

Craft – Tapestry

Physics – Wind power and what do you know about energy

Music – Piano Lesson

History – Why we gather evidence and how we gather evidence

Music – Guitar Practise

Sport – Athletics


Guitar practice

Drawing – using a drawing board to draw a house

Python – creating graphics using shapes in pygame – learnt from some examples and then programmatically reproduced his house drawing and added it as background to his bat & ball game from last week

Maths – Rules of divisibility for 3 & 4.  Highest Common Factors



Swimming lesson


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