Week 7 14/10/2013


English – Reading a poem and answering questions.  Looking at sentence composition.

Maths – Estimating and rounding to nearest 10,100 and 1,000

History – Writing a glossary of major key themes

Chemistry – Looking at solubles and insolubles, experimenting to see which dissolve in water and which do not

Biology – Looking at the difference between animal and plant cells and preparing a microscope slide with an onion cell

Guitar – Lesson



Maths – LCM using factor trees

Chemistry – More work on soluble an insolubles , experiments to recover a dissolved substance by boiling off the water, looking to see if there are any dissolved substances in tap water, recovering a dissolved substance by crystallisation and separating a mixture of a soluble substance and an insoluble substance.

Biology – preparing and looking at a cheek cell ( mums), preparing a slide of a  cat’s hair comparing it to other animal hair’s.

Cookery – Fish Pie



Chemistry – Looking at the first 12 chemicals in the periodic table.  Looking at combustion and the difference between the blue and yellow flame on the bunsen burner

Citizenship – Looking at democracy, why we need rules in our lives.

Physics – Looking at energy and Joules, and the “Conservation of energy” law

Religion – Looking at what makes a good teacher, and religious symbols that are attached to Buddhism, Mary mother of Jesus and Hinduism.

Drums – Self teaching

Video – Natural World Special – The Mating Game

English – Descriptive writing using the senses



Maths – Square Root – using factor trees

Photography and nature walk – 4 miles – Wetlands, setting up the camera and tripod, changing a camera lens, how to manually focus.  Unfortunately mum forgot the SD card so we came home with no photos:(

Homework – Chemistry – Revision of topics studied this week

Homework – Physics – Revision of topics studied this week


Sport – Parkour

Maths – Cubed Root

Reading “First News” and “Focus” science magazine


Technology – Pi project – built the mechanism and soldered the wires for a wire and loop contact game, software control will follow

Sport – Swimming lesson


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