Week 12 – 17 /11/13


PE – Cross Country Run

Maths – Improper Fractions to  Mixed Numerals

Maths –  Short Division

English – Assignment for  tutor

Physics – Renewable energy resources

Natural History – Killer Whales Video

Citerzenship – Looking at legal age for different rights and responsibilities

Music -Guitar Lesson

Sport – Taekwando


Maths- Geometry – History behind

Chemistry – Looking at evaporation and the water cycle

PE – Cross Country Run

IT – Spreadsheets and graphs

Spanish – The spanish Alphabet

Science – How the earth was formed video

Social – Scouts


Cookery – Cottage pie

Maths – 4 types of angles and looking at names of triangles.

History – Tudor Monastry  Farm Video

Money Matters – Shopping – looking at deals


Maths – Using a Protractor

Maths- Adding fractions with a common denominator

Sign Language –  Revision of alphabet, numbers 1-10 and colours. New numbers 11-50

Biology – Cell Division, Organs and systems

English – Comprehension exercise

Astronomy – Richard Hammond how to build a universe – Video

Sport / Social – athletics


Sport – Squash

DIY – How to put up a picture

Coding – Python


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Week 11 10/11/13


Scouts – Remberence Sunday

Sport – Running 1.8 Miles


Maths – Division with Fractional Remainders and Short Division with Fractional Remainders

English – Sentence construction

Natural World – Video The Orangutan

Religion –  Places of Worship

Nutrition – Macronutrients – Protein

Sport – Taekwando

Music – Guitar Lesson


Maths- Using Addition, Minus, Multiplication and divide in every day questions

ICT – Input Devices

History – Look around Tredegar museum and council chambers



Sport – Very Muddy Cross Country Run

Maths – Division Revision

Cookery – making mini pork burgers and bread rolls

Chemistry – Looking at temperature that water freezes boils and what happens when it’s not pure by adding salt.

Maths – Equivalent Fractions

Natural History – Giant Squid Video

Sport – Tae kwando


Maths -Simplyfing Fractions

Sport – Climbing at the warehouse


Maths- Mixed numerals to improper fractions

Programming – Python

Biology – The severn stages of nutrition and the human digestive system

English – Spelling Test

English – Comprehension Exercise

Photography  and  outdoor walk


Swimming Lesson


Week 10 – 03/11/13


Maths – Multiplication

English – Writing out his English assignment one for Catherine Mooney

Chemistry – Solids, Liquids and Gases

Video – Natural World – Monkey’s

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – Division

English – Extending vocabulary and spellings

Video –  The Natural World Walrus’s

Physics – The formation of fossil fuels – Coal, Natural Gas and Oil

Geography – Height and features on OS maps.



Technology – Session in Gloucester making a brush Robot

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – Short Division

Music – Guitar  Practise

Biology – Structure of plant and animal cells, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, nucleus, cellulose cell wall, Large Vacuole, Chloroplasts, Starch Storage Granules.  Specialised cells – Ciliated Epithelial Cells, Muscle Cells, Sperm Cell, Nerve cell, Palisade Cell and root hair cell.

History – William I son’s

Chemistry – Setting up a burette and taking measurements

Biology – Preparing a slide of a blood sample and viewing on the microscope


Maths -Short Division and short division with remainders

Programming – python

Woodwork – Make a test tube rack


Sport – Swimming Lesson

Week 9 26/10/13

This is half term for Mr Pickles , so a relaxing week, well I say relaxing in terms of brain power.  For the week I booked a learn to skate course at Planet Ice in Cardiff.  So every day we have made the 45 min journey down to the ice rink for 9.30am where the boys have had a 30 minute lesson, followed by free time to skate and a burger and chips meal, while I have had the joy of sitting in the cold for 2 1/2 hours!

The boys have done really well, Mr Pickles started in level 2 and passed that level and Roadrunner in Level 3 which he also passed, it was a complete surprise that they were not in level 1.

The boys have also bought themselves some hockey skates which on the first go found out that it is not the same as skating on ice Dance skates, though roadrunner soon picked it up.

We also managed to fit in a quick walk around St Fagans, a place that I love, a trip to Cardiff swimming pool and one day my parents came down to the bay to meet us for lunch, during the week.

Week 8 – 21/10/2013


Sport – Run  & Squash  with Dad


Physics – Energy conversion and energy resources

Music – Structure of a song

Spanish – numbers

Natural history video – Elephants of Sri Lanka

English – Nouns

Guitar Lesson



English – Read introduction to word weaves course and handwriting practise

ICT – Input Machines

National Schools Film Week – Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Physics Homework

Maths – Subtraction



English – Word Weavers – Chapter 1 – Describing words, making interesting statements about items

Maths – Averages

Gardening – Preparing a bed and replanting blackcurrant bushes



Maths – Averages

Maths – Topic test

DSC_0087Cookery / Biology – Braised Squirrel – Yep that is correct! – Looking at structure and anatomy  of squirrel, then cooking it.




English – Word Weavers  Assignment 1

Natural History – Life of Meerkats


Friday – Teacher training day

Pi – Completed the wire and loop gameDSC_0084


Sport – Run  with Dad

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