Week 21 – 19th January 2014


Maths – Triangles

Project – Continuing with his dolphin research project

History – Victorian Farm

English – Question mark exercise then finding 4 letter words and more out of the word question mark

Chemistry – PH- Testing items around the house with litmus paper, to see their PH, looking at PH meters then testing garden soil to make sure our Heather plants have the correct PH

Piano – Lesson

Guitar – Lesson

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

History – Victorian Farm

Geography – How fog is formed, this was a question raised since all the water logged fields have mist above them currently and the river Severn has dense fog above when we travel to Gloucester.

Craft – Started building his  timber kit – guitar man

English – Essay structure Idea, start, middle and end

DNA – The basics of DNA via a minecraft mod

Social – Scouts


 Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

History – Victorian Farm

Global – Child Marriages, Forced  arranged marriages, forced sterilisation programme Eugenics in America

Sport – 2 mile Run

Sport/ Social – Taekwando

Gardening – choosing healthy plants, plant the plants


 Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

Computer studies – Coding Khan Academy

Greek Mythology – Uranus – God of Heavens

Natural History – Wild Honey Bees

History – Victorian Farm

Sport/ Social – Athletics Club


Sport – 1.6 Mile run

Global/ Cultural – Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse – Looking at Education in China and the Gaokao Exam

Global/ History – China – The Terracotta Army

Global – Writing your name in Chinese – Wrote  all our names

History – Victorian Farm

Maths – Angles


Week 20 – 12th Jan


Swimming – fun swim plus board rider session – learnt to kneel on a body board and  stood on a surf board learnt balance skills

Swansea Maritime Museum – Moved a scaletric track with leg power using a bike. Looked at different models of old boats.  Looked at an old medical kit and the first census and description of jobs.


Maths – parts of a circle

Craft – Painting old dining room chairs

Biology – Video on different blood groups and why you cannot transfuse some blood types to everybody.

Chemistry – making indicator from food – red cabbage

History – The dangers of the  inventions in the Edwardian era, Electricity, creams and potions and asbestos


Maths – Parts of a circle

Maths – Spheres, Cones and Cylinders

History – Ancient Britain – Middle Ages – Stone Circles, Stone Monuments, Mining for Flint and Ancient mounds

Biology – Female and Male reproductive systems

Geography – Research project – What an introduction should contain, What the design should contain and different methods available to obtain data.

Social – Scouts


Technology – Making a bottle fan

Geography – Map reading and finding the technology centre,  since we drove instead of going by train.. roadrunner not wanting to get out of bed!

DIY – Building a cat tree, following instructions

Sport – Tae kwando


Sport – Rock Climbing – Roadrunner was the only one there so he managed lots and lots of climbing.

Maths – Different triangles

History – Victorian Farm


Greek Mythology – Gaia – Mother Earth

Physics – Magnetism

Astronomy  – Earths Atmosphere, composition,  benefits and restrictions

Maths – Triangles

Natural History – Hidden Kingdoms – Looking at Grasshopper mice and Shrew’s

Sport –  2 mile Run

Week 19 – 5th January 2014


Sport – 2 Mile Run


Home Educators day @Bristol. – Physics Day

Altitude show – forces of flight

Atoms – to Astrophysics workshop- Looking at magnets and fields, electrons and charge, using IR cameras, ferrofluids and plasma balls.Evan @ Bristol

Physics Drop in activities – Looked at various activities and brought some worksheets home to try at home.

Evan @Bristol 2

Free time in the exhibition – we had a good look around but in detail the development of an embryo, step inside a mothers womb, how comets are formed, found that no one with our surname lived in Wales in 1881, looked at sound waves, captured a short animation film and we finished off looking at the winters night sky in the planetarium.

Sport – Taekwando


Sport – 2 mile run

Maths – Geometry – Faces & Vertices

History –  Tudor Farm at Christmas

Geography – Fieldwork project, start to look at the main elements of what a project entails, Hypothesis, Design, Record and presentation and analysis.

English – Reading extracts and finding out facts that were in large pieces of writing

Game – Mancala a game of strategy, judgement and patience

Social – Scouts


DSC_0088Chemistry – Acids and alkalis – tasting safe acids and alkalis – lime juice and bicarbonate of soda, showing how bicarb neutralises the sharpness of an acid.

Using limit blue, showing that adding an acid turns it red then by adding an alkali it is neutralised and goes back blue.

Maths –  Geometry  Shapes

RE – Looking at different objects different religions may have in their house

Biology – Reproduction – Gametes , Zygotes  and embryos.

Citizenship – Justice  – Stephen  Lawrence story

Natural History – Spy in the pod – Dolphins

Project – Dolphin research presented on powerpoint

Sport – Taekwando


Sign Language – Colours and numbers 11-100

Culture – Chinese New Year – Powerpoint presentation on how they celebrate their New Year and found three dishes for us to cook at home

English – Shakespeare – Synopsis of Much Ado About Nothing.  Best way to prepare answers and writing well and giving examples.

Physics – Solar Energy

Money Management –  Gold to Modern Money

Maths – Shapes

History – The workhouse

Sport – Athletics Club


Sign Language – Assignment 2 Test – Passed

Maths – Shapes

Technology – Taking apart an old printer, well that was the aim after 30 mins neither of us could get it apart.

Natural History – Part 2 of Inside the Pod – Dolphins

History – The Workhouse and the practice of sending children to Australia


Swimming lesson

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