Week 30 -16th March


Sport – Welsh Road Relay Championships 1.2 Miles


Maths – Decimal Subtractions

Documentary – Astronauts – Houston we have a problem – issues that can go wrong in space.

Technology/ computing  – Designed a pressure pad and then programmed it to say “Mr Pickles get out of my room”DSC_0128

Nature/Woodwork – building a bug hotelDSC_0087

Music – Guitar Lesson

Sport – Fencing


Documentary – Astronauts – A trip around the earth

Science – Bang goes the theory – Cancer – What the major causes of cancer are in the UK – smoking and obesity.  Why a cell becomes cancerous – cell division and what can go wrong.  How Radiation therapy works – why the machine goes in an arc. How biopsy’s are performed. Chemotherapy how it works – how they are selective. Cancer screening programs.

Oceanography – Rubbish in our deep oceans, Out of site out of mind , TED talk on plastics in our oceans and disposal at sea

Maths – Decimals, multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000

English – Writing a letter to a newspaper on opinion of animals being kept in Zoo’s.

Astronomy – Moons- Open University Course –  Introduction to the moons around our solar system planets, including what they are made from and size,  a 10 myths about moons presentation, a waltz around Saturn and a short quiz

Social – Scouts


Technology for fun session in Gloucester – making a paddle boat

Animal Behaviour – Cats – How cats see


Natural History – What goes into deciding if an area should be protected – finding new species, finding a breeding population , research methods use

History – War Time Farm – Changing role of women, portable electric generators, modern time saving household equipment – Iron, kitchen cupboard, The blackout and what fines were imposed farms  dictated to by ministry of agriculture to change their  animal pastures to arable crops, Special Forces Assistants and the resistance movement.

Oceanography – Final day of course – Who owns the deep oceans, the impact of exploration, TED talk No longer in the dark, our choice for the future of the deep ocean,  deep ocean in our everyday lives, how underground cables are laid, metals for modern lives, how metal mining in deep sea vents can be achieved

Technology –  Working out what was wrong with yesterdays model and improving the design of yesterdays paddle boat

Sport – Athletics Club Training


English – Write a funny story about Cats

Maths – Decimals division

History – Wartime Farm – The Land girls, WI and canning, getting rid of pets/ livestock due to affordability, rationing, the black market. Amelia King and her fight to become a land girl.

Cookery – Making SushiDSC_0089



Finance – Micro Loans what they are and how they help poor communities  in third world countries, get a start in helping themselves and each other, choose a charity to donate to 

PSHE – Relationships –  BBC Schools – The importance of trust

Moons – Moons and Planets, The Moons Orbit, Prograde Orbits, Orbital Inclination, Retrograde Orbits, Tritons orbit around Neptune, Synchronous Rotation, Rings around planets, Are ring particles Moons, Moon phases and liberation.

Physics – Revision – BBC bitesize – Energy transfer and storage – Revise, Activity and Test 91%.


Sport – Swimming lesson


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