Week 34 – 13th April

School Holidays


Sport – Climbing at the Warehouse

History/Physics – Walking around Gloucester Docks learning the history of the warehouses, how they stored the grain and the different type of swing bridges they had


Chemistry – Kitchen chemistry course – Introduction,  Health and Safety, Size and Shape, Power of 10,  Experiment 1 , exploring Density.


Sport – Run


Social – Meet up with friends


Chemistry – Kitchen Chemistry – proving heat rises


Sport – Swimming Lesson










Week 33 -06 April 2014


Maths – Algebra – Completing number patterns I

Animal Psychology –  Pet Evolution, Understand the concept of domestication, selective breeding and therapeutic value of pets, Define the term Anthropomorphism, Identify how the media might influence the public when choosing a pet.

Music – Guitar Lesson

Chemistry – Solids, Liquids and Gases, questions and research on Barometers

English – Writing instructions

Biology – How a person on the Autistic Spectrum brain differs from  a person not on the spectrum

English – Spellings

Economics – independent questions to research

Sport – Taekwando


Cookery – Veggie Chilli, knife skills, opening tins

Maths – Algebra – Completing number patterns II

Biology – How a virus replicates and spread’s. Looking at Flu and how it does not make identical copies and therefore how new strains occur each year.  Looking at pandemics and how the virus mutates

Computer Science – Computer System worksheets

History – War Time Farm – preparing for D- Day, carrier Pigeons, use of flax seed, Arrival of the USA airforce, german prisoners of war

Social – Scouts


Maths-  Algebra-Identifying Number Patterns I

English – Grammar – Commas

Environment – The rock cycle

Geography/ IT – Powerpoint presentation of where our Travel Bug has gone, finding out about the areas that it has been.

Greek Culture – Modern day Greece, the relationship with the Turks, marching bands.


Maths – Algebra -Identifying number Patterns II

English – Writing for a purpose – writing detailed instructions for our cat sitters

Natural History – Monkey Planet – Monkey Families and how they Interact

Sport/ Social –  Athletic Club


Maths – Algebra – Identifying number Patterns III

History – Wartime Farm – VE day, post war issues, Increase in food need, Holidays at home, Harvest

Chemistry/ Maths / English  – Elemental Game

Geography – Antarctica – Eco Systems – Resources and Tourism

Sport – Run

Physics – Electric currents and voltage











Week 32 – 30th March 2014


Sport – 2k Run


IT – Design a flappy bird game

History – Wartime Farm – The Bevan Boys- Lack of Fuel, emergency food restaurants, and the Pig Club.

Maths – Decimals, Size ascending

Music – Guitar Lesson

RE – What do you believe, how the religions evolved

Culture – Greek Oddessy , Abandoned villages, Village customs – talking in whistles, The birth of the Olympics,  Greek Mythology.


English –  Writing a Nonsense poem

Maths – Decimals – Additions

Biology –  Pregnancy, the role of the placenta

Computer Studies – What is a computer System

Science – Big Bang Theory – how the body ages, looking at the differences in mitochondria, bone density and Alzheimer’s disease.

Animal Welfare – A cow’s favourite time of the year

Social – Scouts



Chemistry – Particle theory, changing from solids, liquids and gas.  Melting and heating curve’s.  Prepared some experiments for tomorrows conservation of mass experiments.

Maths – Algebra – Substitution

History – Wartime Farm

Economics/ Money Management –  Companies are not your friend they are there to make profits/ how companies try and get you to spend advertising good customer services.  Impulse spending how to stop it.

Cookery – Prawn Thai curry


Natural History – Monkey planet

Maths – Algebra – Substitution II

English – Looking at poem’s in blank verse and half rhymes writing his own blank verse poem about animal behaviour

Chemistry – Conservation of mass, water to ice to water, the  weight never changes.  dissolved sugar in water, when the water evaporates these same weight of initial sugar is left.

Gardening – Potting on

Sport – 2 mile run


@ Bristol Home Educators Day

Sustainability and Engineering – Looking at the planet as a whole, ares where energy use is concentrated, looking at sustainable ways for @Bristol to reduce its energy bill.  Designing a wind power turbine that came within budget and would produce sufficient energy.  A tour behind @ Bristol, going into their plant room looking at their air source heat pumps, where the heat is stored/ how it reverses into a cooling system, how they take the heat from an area to hot an dove it to areas that are too cold. Issues in designing eco friendly resources since building is a)listed and b) opposite Bristol cathedral. Looking at the exhibits sports test competing against mum, using the TV broadcast room recording mum reading the news , making an animation and looking in the prototype room of designs that they were thinking of using in the exhibits.


Theatre – Wicked

Sport/ Social – Operation nightmare a 5 mile Hike at night and completing various tasks as they orienteered  their way around the course










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