Week 38 – 11 May 2014


History – Raglan Castle

English – Writing about Raglan Castle

Photography – At Raglan Castle

Music – Guitar


Sport – Athletics


Maths – Use of the calculator part III

Sport – Run

English – Pre Journal Writing exercise

Chemistry – Acids and Alkaline

Animal Behaviour – How to play and interact with cats

Computer Science –  Computers in the modern world

Cookery – Sponge Cake


Cookery – Lasagne

Ecology – Great british Year – Winter

Maths – The Calculator Percentages as Fractions

English –  Debating Game

Physics – Magnets and electric current

Gardening – Planting out brassicas, pest control and more tree pruning


Science – Veterinary Medical surgery

Maths – Using a Calculation, percentages as decimals

English – Chapter 1 on Z for Zachariah and related questions

Food – Hygiene and Germs


Sport – Swimming Lesson





Week 37


Laser quest with Dad and Mr Pickles


Bank Holiday


Sport – 1 mile run

Cookery – Chilli Pepper Jam – sterilisation, why you need pectin, what’s the vinegar for

Geography – Plotting on a map, places where our travel bug has gone.

Maths – Fractions – subtraction with mixed numerals

Science – Bang goes the Theory – Disaster Zones – how technology ensures that the right equipment and help goes to the right areas, malnutrition in relief camps and with the elderly in the UK, how combat medics are helping train NHS doctors in treating accident victims before they reach the hospital.

Social – Scouts – Fire making


Sport – 2 mile run

Chemistry – Solubility, solvent and surfactants.

Experiment 1 dissolving oil in water.

Experiment 2 Separating soluble and insoluble substances.

Experiment 3 . Separating soluble substances

Experiment 4. A chromatogram Chromatography 

Culture – Greek Odyssey  – Mount Olympus – History of the Marathon, reading coffee leaves

Maths – Use of the calculator

English – Verbs and Adjectives, how to write an answer in full sentences


Sport – NICAS Climbing


Geography – Extreme Environments

History – Norman Conquest

English – Punctuation 

Science – Medical Technologies to help Animals mobility after injury

Animal Psychology  – Dogs – stages of puppy development

Sport – 1 Mile Run

Sat/ Sun

Survival Camp with Scouts

Week 36 – 27th April 2014


Sport – 2 mile run


Animal Psychology – Dog Behaviour – What their actions mean, looking at eyes, ears, mouth and sound

Chemistry – Introduction to week 2 – states of matter,  supercritical fluid

RE : Noah – Film

Music – Guitar Lesson


Natural History – Monkey Planet

Chemistry –

Experiment – Burning Candle – What is being burnt and causes the flame and the Chemical History of the Candle

Experiment – Observing chemical changes using vinegar and bicarb of soda.

Differences between physical changes and chemical changes.

Acids and Carbonates     and Acid Rain

Maths – Decimals and subtraction

Gardening – Tree Pruning

Social – Scouts


Cookery – Cottage Pie

Maths – Decimals and Multiplication

Biology – refresher of contraception and pregnancy and test

Environmental studies – Causes of flooding, building on flood planes, building up river, ways to try and restrict flooding.  Storm surges how low pressure effects the tides.

Science – Railways, how to speed up train transport, looking at docklands railways which use an electronic system in their driverless trains compared to the national network with the signal one in a box at a time system.  Looking at why wet leaves on the rails cause so many problems in autumn.

Gardening – Tree pruning


Maths – Decimals – multiplication and division by 10, 100, 10,000, and 100,000

English – Reading a passage on the war then answering questions

History –  Introduction to the Holocaust – Film – the boy in the stripped Pyjama’s, discussion about the Film.


Natural History – Wildlife of France, and research and discussion why migratory birds fly in a v formation

Maths – Geometry songs – Polygons, Parallelograms ,Pie Charts , Trapezoid’s and Triangle’s

Computer Science – Computer Reliability and looking at a real life case study on the Royal Mail and working out what went wrong ? How did it happen ?  and what could have been done to prevent it?

Culture/History – Story of Greece – The Islands, Crete and the German occupation, the crete resistance, Leprosy and Spinalonga, talked and researched how Leprosy is caught, symptoms and treatment.  Kos and Hippocrates



Sport – Swimming lesson






Week 35 – 20th April 2014

School Holidays


Sport/ history – Deep level caving at Clearwell Caves an old Iron Mine, both boys and Dad went 200ft under ground and crawled through the old mine and saw what it was like to mine iron just by candle light.


Sport – Swimming


History –  Exploring the old victorian fort at Brean Down

Sport – Swimming


Ecology – Visit to the Seaquarium, saw our first upside down Jellyfish, read all the information boards and got the quiz correct


Sport – Swimming


Sport – Swimming lesson




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