Week 48 – 20th July 2014

School Holidays


Sport – bike ride


Sport – 2 mile walk

Music – Guitar Lesson


Nature/ Animal/ Social  – Wild Place in Bristol with friends


Sport – Athletics


Sport – Ice-skating




Week 47 – 13th July 2014


Maths – Speed skills – Addition and Subtraction

Maths – Integers – introduction to

Animal Psychology – Feline Fear and aggression

History – The Book Thief film – World War II from a German Citizen View

Music – Guitar Lesson


Maths – Speed Skills – Addition and Subtraction

Maths – Integers – ordering

Culture – Slum life in Jackata

Animal Behaviour – Internet research on courses available – Likes a course on Feline First Aid

Sport/Social -athletics


Maths – Integers – Using a number line

Animal Psychology – Rabbits

Animal Behaviour – Inside the Hive documentary

English – Watched a mid summers night dream

Photography – BBC Schools video intoducing the functions of a camera


Integers – Addition and Subtraction

Animal Psychology – Final Assignment

Animal behaviour – Animal communication


Animal Psychology – Final Assignment







Week 46 – 6th July 2014


Maths – Percentages to decimals

History – BBC learning the A-Z of World War I

Animal Psychology – Understanding Feline actions ….apparently we get lots of birds brought to us because we are useless hunters and they are trying to teach us!

Game – Pandemic Strategy and co operation

Music – Guitar Lesson

English -Writing  –  preparing, planning and writing


Maths – Decimals and Fractions to Percentages

English – Writing to argue, persuade, advise

Culture – Lagos Slums, 3 British mechanic apprentices look at their counterparts in Lagos, how they have to pay for their training, get beaten if job not done fast enough and to supervisors satisfaction, life in the slums, families living in one room, how they have to work for free for parents after day job – Discussed differences from UK to Lagos.

Social – Scouts

Art/ Design – Made birthday invites for his brothers birthday

Natural History – Animal Misfits


History – Auschwitz – SS guards taking gold and money , using children to experiment upon

Maths – Percentages of amounts

Biology – Respiration and energy from food

Art – Start of decoupage project


Maths – Topic Test

Sport/ Social – Climbing

Sport – Athletics


Biology – Energy from food experiment

History – Auschwitz – Hungarian Jews, Gypsies, German’s start to lose the war, bargaining tools, leaving Auschwitz

Physics – Electrical circuits – Batteries

Animal Psychology – Feline Psychiatric problems


Sport – Park Run








Week 45 – 29th June 2014


Sport – 5 hours rock climbing and assailing in Symonds Yat


History – Holocaust – Watched Schindler’s List

Music – Guitar Lesson


Maths – Fractions to decimals where the answer is recurring

Natural History – Born in the wild – Dolphins

Geography –  Geography of Europe

Earth Science – Changes in the Environment

English –  Comprehension exercise

Social/ Survival – Scouts building a shelter in the woods


History – Auschwitz – Pre world war two -Polish,  Jews and Russians, forms of human euthanasia used on disabled children and adults then trialled in the concentration camps. How they progressed from killing by firing squad to the gas chambers. How Slovakia sent their Jews as part of a workforce, they two believed that Jews were an inferior race.

Maths – Rounding up decimals

RE – Ramadan

Ancient Civilisations / Greek Mythology  – Crete

The Minoans – first impressions and a darker side

Taking the bull by the horns – Myth of King Minos, the Labyrinth and Bronze-Age society on Crete.

Sport – Ice skating lesson – Passed Level 4


History – Independent Research why did the Germans believe that they were the superior race

History  – Auschwitz and  Treblinka, how the majority of european countries rounded up the Jews to send to the concentration and death camps.  How Germany profited by taking all their money that the captives had, how even some people from the channel Islands were taken .

Sport – Running

Maths – End of topic test

English – Summarising a Text

Chemistry – The Periodic table , atoms, elements, protons, neutrons and electrons.


RE – Religion and Ethics

Physics – Generating electricity from a fuel, Power station efficiency, Energy chain, conductors and insulators

Animal Psychology – Feline Normal behaviour









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