Year 2 week 4 – 22nd September 2014


Teacher Training day for Mr Pickles so we went to visit nan and pa

Activity – Walk around a lake spotting treasure hunt items as we went

Discussion on drive up on Organ donation and genetic condition Cystic Fybrosis

Sport : One hour Gym Session


Science – The Open University – Understanding Experiments.  Journal – Why all parts of an experiment or study need to be documented, drawing graphs and experiment how much water is in a potato.

Music – Guitar Lesson

Animal Behaviour – Cats

Maths – Problem solving – making lists

Social – Scouts


Animal Behaviour – Life of pets

Physics – Liverpool University – electro mechanics

English – Suffixes – Doubling letters

ECDL – Passwords, protection and Phishing

Photography Project – Photo project 2

Gardening – planting onions and garlic

Sport – 2 mile run


Maths – Problem Solving looking for a pattern

English – Poem and questions

History – Anne Frank video

Animal – Penguin Anatomy

Science – Start of Osmosis Experiment


Science – Osmosis – Experiment

Animal – Bear Anatomy

Friday Evening / Saturday/ Sunday

Scout’s Gwent Trek – Expedition Challenge.  Spend two nights without leaders in a team of 4, cook all their own food, plot a 10 mile walk ensuring they reach 4 bases with activities on.  Carry all equipment needed for the two nights.



Year 2 Week 3 – 15th Sept


Walk – Blackberry Picking

Maths – Integers Test

English – Plurals – fe to I’ve

Photography –  names  of parts of camera, correct way to hold camera, focus and exposure

Sport – one hour Gym session


Music – Guitar lesson

Cookery – Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Biology – Cells to Systems – Recap of last years work

Animal Psychology – Dogs – Over eating – incorrect feeding

Social – Scouts


Maths- Problem solving – The Unitary method

English – Pre-Fixes

Animal Psychology – Dogs -Aggression

ECDL – IT security Hoaxes, Viruses, Spam and end of unit test


Maths – Problem solving Guess and check

English – pre – fixes

Animal Behaviour – Dogs – Abnormal behaviour

Chemistry – Separating mixtures & experiment

Social/ Fitness- Scouts 2 hour fitness hike carrying back packs


Animal Behaviour – Behaviour at birth, Kitten, puppies and piglets

Citizenship – Our little World

English – Suffixes







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Year 2 week 2 – 8th September


Maths – Integers – Division

Career – Young Vets

Photography – Project

ECDL – IT security

Pet Psychology – Project

Music – Guitar Lesson


General knowledge – Fact for a day – or in our case 1-9th September

English –  Plurals

Pet Psychology – Project

History – World War 1 Stories

Human Body – Revision Adults and Babies

Photography – Re – sizing a photo using PISCA- submitting project one

Physics – Introduction to E=mc and Mass

Social – Scouts


History – World War 1 Stories

Pet Psychology / English – Checking of grammar  and spelling and looking at answer to ensure enough information for marking scheme. Submission of final project


Sport – NICAS climbing

Language – French


Carrear – Young vets 9 & 10  since it was due to go off  iplayer

Sport – NRG – Gym induction


Sat/ Sun 

Activities/ Social -PGL with scouts








Year 2 Week 1 – 1st September

Easy week in since we have lots of cleaning to do from holidays, plus Mr Pickles Birthday on Thursday and his party in Saturday


Career – Young vets program

Cookery – Chocolate Brownies

Animal Psychology – Project

Music – Guitar Lesson


Career – Young Vets program

Maths – Speed skills, addition, subtraction and multiplication

Animal Psychology – Project


Career – Young vets program

Animal Psychology – Project

Politics – looking at NATO and what happens at a NATO summit

Maths – Integers – Multiplication

Spanish – looking at some course options

History – The Great War – People’s stories



Career – Young vets Program

Photography  – Unit 1 Have fun using your camera

Science – How things are invented.



Career – Young Vets Program

English –  plurals – Adding ‘s, es and ies

Chemistry – Periodic Table – Hydrogen

World News – Our Little Earth

Social – Meet with old school friends








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