Year 2 – Week 12, 17th November 2014


School – Day at Monmouth Montessori, who allow Home Ed children into their normal classes – Maths, English, PE and Science.


Music – Guitar Lesson

Animal – Life Story the struggle for dominance

Environmental Management – The planes across the UK

History – The Cold War

Global – Our Little Earth


History – The building of a medieval castle

Maths – Ratio’s using scale

Chemistry – The periodic table song 

Maths – Ratio Test

Biology – Microbes – Virus’s and Bacteria

English – Silent Letters


History – How the UK became involved in WW1

History – Ancient Civilisations – Iraq, Egypt and Turkey

Gardening – Garden Maintenance

Photography – Photo Project 4 and close up shots

Maths –  Rates – Simplifying

English – Kinaesthetic Program

English – Silent Vowels


Science – History of Science – How we learnt that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe and the Eclipse pattern

English – Big Write – an essay on the theme back in time


Sport – 5k Park Run and swimming









Year 2 week 11 – 10th November 2014


Research : – The origins of Jelly Babies (Peace babies)

Maths : – Equivalent Ratios

Design/ Technology – Cat toy project, designing the control board, using a circular saw and drill.


Animal -Life Story – Surviving the first few weeks and first few years

Music – Guitar Lesson

Social – Scouts

Chemistry – Jelly Baby Experiment

Chemistry – Helium 

English – Comparing words

Maths – Word Problems using Ratio’s


English – Big Write – Plan an essay

Maths – Dividing quantities in a given Ratio

Animal – Life Story – Survival Techniques

Film – Looking at some videos that the Film project completed last year

History – The role of Women in WW1

Gardening – Garden Maintenence


Sport – climbing


Research – looking at GCSE subjects. Planning this academic year’s topics

Social – Meet up with other home Ed at soft play

Saturday/ Sunday

Into Film Festival – Film making course – designing a script, acting/directing, filming, basic editing.




Year 2 week 10 – 3rd November 2014


Teacher Training day so Mr pickles also at home

Electronics – fixing the electronic weighing scales with dad – soldering

Sport – Gym session


Maths – Simplifying Ratios I

English – Speed Up – Kinaesthetic activity and writing assessment

Animal – Supervet

Music – Guitar Lesson

History – The Passing Bells – World War 1 – The similarities of English and German’s at War

Social – Scouts – Cookery

Computers – Secure Passwords


History – The Passing Bells – World War 1 – The similarities of English and German’s at War

English – Comprehension exercise on the Globe Theatre

Maths – Simplifying Ratios II

Biology – Healthy Body – Food, Exercise, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, solvent abuse.  Producing a graph in Excel and answering questions.

Physics -Circuits , Series, Parallel and Amp meter


Into Film – Private Peaceful at the cinema – Looking at the issue of desertion and shot at dawn

History – The Passing Bells – World War 1 – The similarities of English and German’s at War

Research – Using children to fight which countries still encourage child soldiers and what’s being done about it.

Money – APR – what bad credit history means, how to avoid it

Sport – Athletics

Animals – The secret Life of pets


Animal – Supervet

English – Kiensiology week 1 session

Chemistry – Hydrogen

Maths – Ratio – Simple Stories

Computers -Malware

Cookery – Fish Pie

History – The Passing Bells – World War 1 – The similarities of English and German’s at War


Sport – Park Run – 5k Run


Remembrance parade and service



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