Year 2 week 16 – 15th December 2014


Science – History of Science – looking at biology and physics and the building blocks of  life.

English – Literacy Planet -Spellings

Cookery – Vegetable and cheese Tart

Photography – The use of light and photo project 5 close up

Sport – Gym


Music – Guitar lesson

Social – Scouts

Maths – Revision – Decimals

Biology – Experiments 1.  To demonstrate transpiration 2. To show absorption or water by plant roots. 3. To show the path taken by water as it travels from the plant’s roots to the leaves. 4. To examine plant cells 5. To show that starch is produced by a plant during photosynthesis

Chemistry – Experiment 1.  To show that a gas has a Mass


Cat behaviour and welfare -correct handling techniques and dealing with cat bites.


Culture – Living in Alaska

History – Medieval Castle’s

Cat behaviour and welfare – Assignment 2

English – Literacy Planet – Spellings


Weather – How ground heat effects weather, dust storms and thunder and lightening

Maths – Probability

Psychology – Obedience


Sport – 5k Park Run


Sport – 2k Park Run





Year 2 – Week 15 – 8th December 2014


Maths – Revision – Decimals

English – Writing in the first person

Biology – Photosynthesis, process and 4 things needed.  Start of experiment to test photosynthesis.

Religion – Buddhism –  The Tipitaka

Science – History of Science – Industrial Revolution

Technology –  Cat toy project – Coding


Maths – Revision – Decimals

Weather – Water, clouds,  how rain is formed, difference between summer hail and winter Ice, how avalanches are formed.

Music – Guitar

Social – Scouts

Biology – Experiment, to show light is needed for Photosynthesis

ECDL – Using Windows, desk top settings, organising files, managing files and printing.

Cookery – Made own breakfast bacon and beans, and using a microwave reading instructions.

English – Z for Zachariah

Culture – Life in Arizona


Psychology – Peer Pressure

English – Story Writing

Cat Behaviour and Welfare  – First Aid – what it means and how to do it safely.  Looking at bites and accesses, what is septicaemia.


Sport – Home Ed Climbing


Cookery – Ox-tail soup and bread

Global – Our little earth

History – Video how to build a medieval castle

Cat Behaviour and Welfare – Assignment First Aid

Physics – Different types of components and what they do, researching different fuse types for different household appliances and Circuits

Sport – Run


Sport – Park Run


Social/ sport – Deep level caving




Year 2 – Week 14 – 1st December 2014


Maths – Revision – Fractions

English – Creative Writing Spider Diagrams

Sport – Swimming


Science – History of Science – How individual elements were discovered.

Music – Guitar lesson

Social – Scouts – Night Hike

Maths – Fractions – Revision- Equivalent Fractions

Weather – Different types of cloud and wind, calculated max wind speed (35mph) that Roadrunner can go out in without being blown over.


English – Creative writing – Stream of Consciousness

Maths – Fractions – Revision – Improper Fractions and Addition

History – how to build a castle, painting and clay tile making

Cat Behaviour and Welfare – Assignment

Sport – 6 mile cycle ride


Cat Behaviour and Welfare – Assignment

Science – The History of Science – Evolution

Knife skills – Chopping veg

Psychology – The bystander effect

Citizenship – How does the law protect animals.  Looking at legislation , pressure groups , laws that are relevant to animals, the different ways that humans use animals, and the pressure group compassion in world farming.

Sport – Athletics


Culture – Life in Alaska

Cat Behaviour and Welfare – Assignment – Submit Assignment

Maths – Revision – Fractions adding and subtracting with a different denominator

Religion – American Baptist churches and child preachers, American pentecost and serpent handlers,  Italy and Benedictine Monk’s, Judaism – the passover

Games – Chess and Battleships


Sport – 5k Park Run


Sport – Cycle






Year 2 – Week 13 – 24th November 2014


Animal – Life Story – Finding a Mate

English – The Comma Story

ECDL – IT security and Hardware

Technology – Fixing up the motor to a breadboard and the Pi


Maths – Rates – Problems 1

Christianity and Moral Issues- Looking at destroying the planet and saving the plant – rights and responsibilities of individuals

Psychology – How others affect us

Global Issues – Immigration – Looking at Calais and the Jungle and the  individuals that guarantee a crossing to the UK for the right price

Music – Guitar Lesson

Social – Scouts


History –  TV – Building a medieval Castle

Maths – Rates – Problems 2

Cat Behaviour & Welfare – looking at the Animal Welfare Act (2006), what legal responsibilities pet owners have.  Looking at the daily and weekly checklist for health checks on  a cat. (Alfie was not a willing volunteer)

Cookery – Chocolate brownie

Biology – Keeping healthy at personal, local and world levels, the two different types of white blood cells, antibiotics, antibacterial and disinfectant

English – Hard and Soft C’s


Maths – Rates – Topic Test

Cat behaviour and Welfare – common diseases, how to prevent them and research questions, answering in bullet points

Citizenship – Poverty – looking at children growing up in Poverty in the UK.

Sport – 2 mile run


Cat behaviour and Welfare – Cat Parasites: Types, Transmission & Life cycles, Zoonoses, how to give a cat a tablet.

Maths – Revision – Division facts, Prime numbers and Factors

Animal – Life Story – Animal Infants

Cookery – Slow cooked Mince

Biology – Autopsy the Mammoth – discussing cloning and ethics

Chemistry – Lithium, Beryllium and Boron


Cat behaviour and Welfare – Start of assignment one

Sport – Ice Skating


Religion – Buddhism- Who was Buddha

English – Creative Writing – Brainstorming ideas

Cookery – Cottage Pie and Veg





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