Year 2 week 21 – 19th January 2015


Maths/ ICT – Compound Interest & using excel with compound interest

Geography/ Culture – Walking the Nile and discussing the use of nose rings for controlling animals

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

Biology – Variation

Cat Welfare – dealing with Shock what it is , recognising signs and treatment.

Gardening – Winter tidying and planting herbs and salad leaves for indoor growing.


Music – Guitar

Biology – Variation and questions

English – Z for Zachariah

Physics – Magnetism

Social – Scouts

History – Trade Unions and War in Devon

Forensic Science – Forensic Biology

Money Management – Budgeting


English – Creative Writing – writing about an interesting character you know

English – Spelling – Common spelling mistakes

Cat Welfare – Assignment


Maths – Comission

Maths – End of topic test

Animal Behaviour – The wild side of domestic animals

Physics – Combustion Engine

Forensic science – the structure of DNA

Money Management – Planning a budget

History – The use of private homes as hospitals


Cat Welfare – Module 1 assignment

History – TV – A documentary from an Auschwitz survivor

ECDL – Data Protection

Forensic Science – Final Clue and DNA profiling , week test

Sheep – Research behaviour and care


Sport – Ice – Skating








Year 2 – Week 20 – 12th January 2015


Maths – Profit and Loss

Geography/ Culture – Walking the Nile, also discussed role of British Embassy and how they can help and their limits

Cat Welfare – Eye injuries

English – I before E rules and exceptions

Physics – And/ or  Gates, Magnetic field’s

Forensic Science – Week 1 test

Sport – Gym, Weights

Sport – Running Chepstow Harriers


Forensic Science – How fingerprints are born – genetic and environmental influence, Finger Prints and Finger Marks, Are fingerprints unique

Money Management –  Difference between Income and assets. The effect of Inflation on money, measuring real income.  How income is taxed and carrying out calculations.

Music – Guitar lesson

Social – Scouts

History – The role of Trawlermen in WWI


English – Test on spelling rules

Physics – Building an internal combustion engine –

Sport – 2 Mile Run

Forensic Science – Fingerprints – different chemicals used to retrieve fingerprints depending upon surface, the three layers of examination carried out, taking fingerprints, how to take fingerprints at home. End of unit Test

Money Management – Taxation, National Insurance, Benefits

Culture – African Children’s Choir


Biology – Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle’s

Maths – Calculating Income Tax and working out original prices

Animal Behaviour – How  seemly weird behaviour serves a purpose

Cat Welfare – Cuts and Abrasions


ECDL – Computer Networks

History – World War 1 – The use of horses and mules and the Zeppelin

Physics – Internal Combustion Engine model

Photography – Taking Photos on holiday

World News – Our Little Earth

Sport – Swimming


Sport – NICAS climbing

Sport – Weight training

Year 2 – week 19 5th January 2015


Money Management – How the economy effect’s us. How your personality effects your spending habits, Risk aversion, learning to prioritise.

Forensic Science – What’s its all about, Important facts about Forensic Science. Forensic science and crime.  Introducing a crime scene, The 6 W’s.

Sport –  Chepstow Harriers


Cat Welfare – questions on cat Abscesses

Money Management – How, what we spend or do not spend effects the nation’s economy.  How people tend to go for loans/ savings with the easiest explanation even though these may not be the best deal.  Inertia and how government policies like  pension schemes help people save.  Week one test.

Maths – Simple Interest

Music – Guitar Lesson

Geography/ Culture – Trekking the Nile – geographic issues, dangers to life animals/ thieves/ heat stroke.


Maths – Simple Interest/ Percentages

Psychology – who am I/ sense of self, difference between animal and human brains.

Biology – Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles

Forensic Science – Basic principles of CSI, control, preserve, record and recover.  Roles within CSI.


English – Z for Zacharahi

Sport – NICAS Climbing

Maths – Test

Animal Behaviour – Puppy’s life


English – Z for Zacharahi comprehension exercise

English – Handwriting Practice

Animal Behaviour – Adolescent dogs

Forensic Science – Theory before Data

Maths – Discounting

Maths Skills – Monopoly


Forensic Science – Google Hangout Discussion


Sport – 8 mile Cycle ride

Sport – Swimming



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Year 2 week 18 – 29th December

New Year Week


Sport – 90 min bike ride

Walk – 3 Mile Walk


Sport – Swimming


Sport – Indoor Surfing

Year 2 , week 17- 22nd December 2014

Christmas Week


Technology and Science – Umbrella Archery at the Lighthouse Stroud. Topics covered include: tension, bending moments, projectiles, drag, fractions, equations, statistics and averages.


Sport – Swimming


Christmas Day


Boxing Day


Sport – 5k Park run


Sport – NICAS Climbing – Level 2 passed


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