Year 2 week 46 – 13th July 2015


GCSE Psychology – Biological theory of dreaming – The activation- synthesis theory of dreaming, What synthesis is, terms such as random activation sensory blockade and movement inhibition – Evaluating activation synthesis theory , Why Hobson and McCarley though dreaming is to do with the brain working, criticisms of the activation synthesis theory

Maths- Frequency Histograms and Polygons

Social – Cardiff Home Ed Group

Sport/ Social – Chepstow Harriers

Career – what jobs you can do with psychology


English – They, They are, There and Their – practice

Maths – Introduction to probability

Cat behaviour – Assignment 3 finish off and submit

History – Andrew Marr history of modern Britain – 1960’s to early 1970’s.  The 3 day week, start of the IRA and Belfast, the Vietnam war.

Animal Behaviour – Coursera – Dog Emotion and Cognition – The evolution of the wolf to dog

Study skills – EPace – skills assessment


Sport – 2 mile run

Animal Behaviour – Coursera – Dog Emotion and Cognition – What is Cognition

Biology – The endocrine system end of unit test

Maths – End of unit test

Animal Behaviour – Vet School


Sport – climbing

Social Scouts – End of term picnic


Cat Welfare – Nutrition

History – Andrew Marr Modern History – Margaret Thatcher, Falkland Island, IRA, miners strike.

Maths –  Representing data – Divided Bar Graphs



Sport – Tennis







Year 2 week 44 – 29th June 2015


English – Comprehension Exercise

English –  Poem and  write a response to views in poem

Religion – Christianity and Abortion – what are your views

Social/ sport – Home Ed group  craft activity and Self defence

Social/ sport – Chepstow Harriers


Maths – Area of a cylinder

Music – Guitar lesson

IGCSE Biology – Chemical Coordination -Glands and hormones, nervous and endocrine control, Adrenaline, blood glucose

English – Creative writing skills, writing a narrative and revision how to write a better essay  

Culture – African tribe – Male rite of passage to adulthood, female becoming engaged  before you are 10.


Maths – Unit test

GCSE Psychology – Neurones

Cat welfare – compare and contrast exercise domestic- wild cat

IGCSE Development Studies – Poverty and Income

Spanish – Review of section

English – Reading


Sport – NICAS Climbing

Maths – statistics – Range and Mode

IGCSE Environmental management – Mining

Spanish – Grammar

History – Andrew Marr – History of  modern Britain


Police Cadet application form

Culture – Life in a tribe – what happens when you are ill, lack of funds.  Education who gets educated

Maths – Median

GCSE Psychology – Fraud interpretation of dreams

Year 2 week 45 – 6th July 2015


Maths – History – Andrew Marr – modern Britain – 1950’s

English- speaking – articulation and body language

Maths – The Mean

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

Biology – The endocrine system

Police Cadet application form


IGCSE Biology – Homeostasis

Computer studies – coding

Music – Guitar lesson

Maths – Frequency Distribution tables

Social – Scouts- Knife Safety


Maths – Using Excel and calculating how much it costs to buy equipment for a dog.

Maths – Finding a mean using a frequency distribution table

Spanish – Grammar

TV – Vets school

Cat Welfare – Assignment , compare and contrast pedigree cats.  Comprehension exercise on 3 problems cat owners have and why these are not problems.


IT- create a table in word, then compare and contrast different dog breeds.

Development studies/ environmental management – Nomads – issues in Nepal

Spanish – Grammar


GCSE Psychology –  Stereotypes

Development studies/ environmental management – Nomads – issues in the Tundra

Maths – Finding the median from a table

Spanish – Pronunciation and grammar


Sport – 3 mile run






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