Year 3 Week 8 – 19th October 2015


English Language – Writing a newspaper article x 3 – first paragraph catchy information

English Literature – Discussion questions x 3

Maths – Transformations – Reflections and translations

GCSE Psychology – Compare two different theories of analysing dreams

Cat Welfare – Grooming

Sport/Social – Chepstow Harriers


Maths – Transformations –  Transformations – Rotations and Rotational Symmetry

Cat Welfare – Grooming

Culture/ History/ Geography – India – TV Natures wonderland.

Social – Scouts

iGCSE Biology – Organ word search and cell components


Maths  – Solid Shapes

GCSE Psychology – Practice exam questions

History – TV Witch trials

Dog training – Bronze Kennel Club Training

English Language – 30 minute lesson

English Literature – 60 minute lesson

iGCSE Physics – airforce resistance

iGCSE Chemistry – Atoms


Maths – Nest of solid shapes and topic Test

English Literature –  Canterbury Tales – The Millar and Narration

Cat Welfare –  Grooming tools

Social  – Home Ed Bowling

History/ Culture/ Geography  – TV the Arctic


Cat Welfare – Assignment

GCSE Psychology – Dreaming unit revision

Physics –  Acceleration and Deceleration


English Literature – Canterbury tales – The Merchant and The Millar – narration


Year 3 week 7 – 12th October 2015


Sport/Social – Chepstow Harriers

Maths – Understanding Equations and one step equations using addition and subtraction

iGCSE Biology / Cookery – Pizza plant cellpizza cell

iGCSE Chemistry – Atoms – Atoms, molecules, elements.  Diffusion.

English:  –

Handwriting Practice

Grammar – There, They’re and Their and test 

Grammar and punctuation – Writing paragraphs

Paragraphs 1 & 2

Short written review of a holiday park.

Sport – Tennis


Maths -one step equations using division

Spanish – Adaptive recall

iGCSE Biology – Levels of Organisation

Cat Welfare – Tracking Origins

iGCSE Physics – Acceleration practice questions

Social – Scouts

English – Nouns and handwriting practice


iGCSE Biology – Cell Structure

History – TV – Witch Hunt a century of murder

Career – looking at qualifications required for different university courses

English Language – 30 min lesson

English Literature – 60 min lesson


Psychology -Environment and behaviour

iGCSE Chemistry – Relative Formula Mass and Chemical Equations

chemical separation

iGCSE Chemistry – Experiments –

  1. Diffusion in air
  2. Diffusion in liquid
  3. Diffusion in liquid – using chemicals
  4. Diffusion – rate of diffusion
  5. Paper chromatography

Cat welfare – Different breeds

iGCSE Development studies – Health and Poverty


Maths – Geometry – Axis and symmetry

Home ed club – social / self defence

iGCSE Chemistry – Relative Formula Mass and Chemical Equations

Saturday/ Sunday

Social – Scout Camp

Year 3 week 6 – 5th 2015


Maths – Algebra – Difference of two squares

iGCSE Chemistry – States of Matter

Sport – Running Club

English Literature – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

GCSE Psychology – Evaluating dream analysis – Evaluation of dream analysis as a research method

Research – Child Soldiers


Music – BBC 10 Pieces with Glos HE

Maths – Algebra – Factorisation by a common factor

Social – Scouts


Maths – End of topic test

English literature – Narration exercise

English Literature – one hour lesson

English Language – 30 min lesson

iGCSE Chemistry – Experiments – States of matter –

ice meltExperiment to show how the speed which ice melts to water then boils

Experiment to show how the molecules of water vapour take up more space than the molecules of an ice cube

Citizenship – Film – The good Lie – Child soldiers in Sudan… the lost boys


Cookery – Millionaires Shortbread

GCSE Psychology – Psychological sleep disorders – The Importance of REM sleep and what Psychological sleep disorder is

iGCSE Environmental Management – Plate tectonics, earthquakes and effect on people and volcanoes – economic uses and impacts on people

History  – King Charles

English Language – alliteration, onomatopoeia, imagery, symbolism, metaphor or simile

English Literature – The story of Fingal and Age of Chivalry 


Culture – Indian Nature’s wonderland

iGCSE Chemistry – States of matter and atomic structure

iGCSE Biology – Variety of life, recap of kingdoms, and process essential for life


English Literature – Discussion questions

Year 3 week 5 – 28th September 2015


Maths – Algebra – Grouping symbols IV

GCSE Psychology – The Job of a psychoanalyst

Sport – Running Club

RE – Christianity and global Issues – political Prisoners   1 & 2

PSHE – Taking part in a live debate 

Cat Welfare – Enrichment

Sport – Tennis


iGCSE Biology  –  Organelles

Maths – Algebra – Grouping symbols V

English Literature Reading, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Social – Scouts

TV – Extraordinary Life

Occupational Therapy – Being organised

Cookery – Chicken and Veg Korma


English Language – 30 min online lesson

English Literature – 60 min online lesson

Photography – Taking Photo’s  – looking at light

English  Literature – The story of a literary lie 

Maths – Algebra – Generalised arithmetic

Spanish – Recall

iGCSE Physics – Acceleration and deceleration

History – TV – Athens  – How ancient Athens gave birth to the idea of democracy


English Literature – Narration exercise

PSHE – Balancing Relationships and First dates

Maths -Algebra – Binomial Expansion

GCSE Psychology – Role of a Psychoanalyst

Gardening – Pond removal and practicing crossing midline tasks


Maths – Algebra – Perfect Squares

English  literature – Discussion exercise

English Language – Homework

Global Issues – Our Little Earth

Cat Welfare – Enrichment

iGCSE Biology – Organelles


English Language & Literature Homework

Cookery – Venison Strew


Sport – Swimming

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