Year 3 Week 25, 22nd February 2016


iGCSE Maths – Changing numerals to standard form

iGCSE Maths – Converting fractions, decimals and percentages

History – TV back in time for the weekend the 1950’s leisure activities for a family.

GCSE Psychology  – El Jones (1924) curing a boys Phobia – What Jones did and found, strength and weaknesses of Jones’ study

GCSE PE – Health and fitness


iGCSE Maths – Converting fractions, decimals and percentages

TV – 10,000 BC

Sport- Kung Fo

Volunteer – Young leader – Beavers

GCSE Psychology – How to treat phobias – Flooding and systematic desensitisation therapies, how they are done/carried out.

iGCSE Biology – Breathing experiment


English language – 30 min lesson – Magazine Articles

English Literature – 60 min lesson – Ivanhoe and compare/contrast Essays

iGCSE Maths – Directed numbers and order of operations

History – TV – Back in time for the weekend – 1960’s

iGCSE Psychology – Bennett-Levy and Marteau (1984): fear of animals – What Bennett-Levy and martial did and found, the strengths and weaknesses of Bennett- Levy and Marteau’s study.

iGCSE Biology – Gas exchange  – Diffusion, Gas exchange in flowering plants – investigating net gas exchange.


English Literature – Ivanhoe Chapter 27-32 and narration

History / Social experiment- TV – 10,000 BC

iGCSE Biology – Gas exchange

iGCSE Biology – Gas exchange and gas exchange

iGCSE Maths – Personal Finance


History – TV – Back in time for the weekend – 1970’s

English Language – Writing a magazine article

Scouts – Founders day service

iGCSE Maths – Percentages using the line method and multiplying factor method


English Literature – Compare and contrast essay based on Ivanhoe


English Literature – Chaucer Canterbury Tales

English  Literature – The MabinogeonGeraint 






Year 3 Week 24, 15th February 2016

Half term


Sport – 3 mile walk in Forest of Dean


English Language – 30 min lesson

English Literature – 60 min lesson


Sport – Scuba diving taster session


English Literature  – The Mabinogion – The lady of the Fountain, part 1,2 &3

English Literature – Chaucer – Bread and Milk for Children 


English Literature – Ivanhoe Chapters 17-26 and narration


Year 3 Week 23, 8th February 2016


Maths – Geometry – Pythagoras Theorem –  Finding the Hypotenuse 1 & 2

GCSE Psychology – Evaluating questionnaires – looking at strengths and weaknesses, Experiments using animals: ethical issues – Ethical issues with laboratory experiments using animals and solving theses ethical issues

iGCSE Physics – The Solar System and Momentum revision

Sport – Running

Music – Guitar practice

English Language – They, their and they’re

TV – Snow chick – following a penguin in its first year of life


iGCSE Biology – Respiration, Aerobic and Anerobic, Videos 1 , 2 and 3

Cookery – Venison stew

Sport – Kung Fo

Maths – Geometry – Pythagoras Theorem –  Finding the shower side

English – Grammar , Verbs and Nouns

Gardening – Potting on plants


Maths – Geometry – Pythagoras Theorem –  Composite shapes 1 & 2

Citizenship – The Government and parliament – History of British System, First past the post system, voting in Britain, how political parties try to gain votes, how parliament works, how government works, what the local council does, how devolved powers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Work, how the government raises money

GCSE Psychology – Animal Experiments

Revision – Revision techniques

English Language – 30 min lesson

English Literature – 60 min lesson

Animal Behaviour – TV secret life of the zoo

iGCSE Physics – Momentum revision


Sport – 3 1/2 mile dog walk

Maths – Geometry – Pythagoras Theorem – worded problem questions

GCSE Psychology – Animal experiments

English Language – Speeches


Maths – Geometry – Pythagoras Theorem – Pythagorean Triads and unit test

English Language – Writing a speech on Cats protection

TV – 10,000 BC

Physics – Momentum Question


English Literature – Ivanhoe


Sport – Swimming








Year 3 Week 22, 1st February 2016


Sport – Running

GCSE Maths – Timetables and planning

GCSE Computer Science – Binary 
History  – The Cold War
English –english test
IGCSE Biology  – Revision
Introduction to cells
Mrs Gren
Differences between animal and plant cells
Comparing plant and animal cells 
English – Handwriting practice and Grammar revision
Religion – Sikhism – Who was Guru Nanak, Who were the ten Guru’s and what is the Guru Granth Sahib.
GCSE Psychology – Why do we have phobia’s , Classical conditioning and phobia – Classical conditioning, the terms ‘association’ and ‘generalisation’, how classical conditioning explains phobias.
iGCSE Physics -Astronomy – Our place in the universe – The solar system, Discovery of a new planet, comets and moons, The Cassini mission:moons of Saturn
Sport – Kung Fo
GCSE Psychology  –
Phobias and preparedness – Evolution and fear, the theory of preparedness
Social Learning theory and phobias – social learning theory, Vicarious reinforcement, how social learning their can explain phobias
Maths – Constructing Triangles and Other Polygons and drawing perpendicular lines
English Language – Speeches – 30 min lesson
English Literature – 60 min lesson
Young Leader – Beaver scouts
TV – 10,000 BC psychology and history
iGCSE Biology –  Cell Revision , 5 Kingdom classification , Pathogen , Classification game 

iGCSE Computer Science  – Representation if data in computers – Definition of units, Binary format, converting positive deanery whole numbers and adding 8 -bit binary numbers
Music – Guitar practice
Maths – Constructing Polygons
Psychology – Cat’s V Dog TV
Maths – Constructions –  Topic Test
GCSE Psychology  –  The Nature – nurture debate, nature and phobias, nurture and phobias, how important nature and nurture are in the development of phobias. Experimental design – Questionnaires.
Music – Guitar
Art – Colouring
Writing- copying practice
English Language – Research good practice on making speeches
English Literature –  History of English Literature – Piers and the Ploughman 1 & 2
English Literature – Age of Chivalry – Morte d’ Arthur
Sport – Ice Skating
English Literature – Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott, Ch 1-7

Year 3 Week 21, 25th January 2016


GCSE Psychology

Becoming an educational psychologist – Who an educational psychologist might work for.  Skills Required, qualifications required and what it means to be ‘chartered’

Educational Psychology and anger management – Dealing with anger management

Maths – Algebra – Changing the subject

Sport – Chepstow Harriers – Running

History  – Victorian Bakers – Early 1900’s – lifestyle changes


iGCSE Biology – End of nutrition assessment

Sport – Khung Foo

GCSE Psychology

Introducing censorship an the 9 o’clock watershed – The old of the 9pm watershed and what censorship means.

For and against censorship and the watershed – The effectiveness of censorship and arguments for and against censorship and the watershed.


GCSE Psychology – Unit 2 test paper 70% – Grade B

GCSE MathsPercentages

Personal Finance – Dealing with money issues 

Natural History – The great barrier reef

Evening – Young leader at beaver scouts

iGCSE Physics – Forces

English Language – 30 min lesson

English Literature 60 min lesson


Maths – Equations – Solving problems using equations

GCSE Psychology – End of unit stretch questions

Personal Finance – Store Card Debt

Globalisation – How your purchase of Jeans affects others 


Maths – End of unit test

English – Reading a magazine article and answering questions

Psychology –  TV 10,000BC

History – Welsh Miners

Sport – The effect of exercise on the body 

English Literature

Presentation on the Pinners Play


Narration and discussion question on the Pinners Play

English Language – Essay set in medieval times

Social – Scout Explorers


English Literature Reading 

The York Plays:-

The Pinners play- The Crucifixion 

The Butchers play – The death of Christ

The Saddlers Play – The Harrowing of Hell

The Carpenters play – The Resurrection 

The Winegrowers’ play- Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalen

The Woodpeckers’ and Woolbrockers Play – The Supper at Emmaus

The Scriveners’ Play – The incredulity of Thomas

The Tailors’ Play – The Ascension

The Potters’ Play – Pentecost

The Drapers’ Play – The Death of the Virgin

The Weavers’ Play – The Assumption of the Virgin

The Hostelers’ Play – The Coronation of the Virgin

The Mercers’ Play – The Last Judgement






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