Year 3 Week 29, 21st March 2016


Maths – Algebra worded questions

GCSE Psychology – How defendant characteristics affect jury decision making – How psychology investigates jury decision making and how defendant characteristics affect jury decision making.

English Literature – Piers the Plowman

iGCSE Biology – Transport in humans

Forensic Psychology – Future learn – Eye witness testimony

Sport – Chepstow Harriers


GCSE Psychology – Revision the eye

Puberty – TV- CBBC Operation ouch

iGCSE Biology  – Transport in Humans – White blood cells, vaccinations and platelets

iGCSE Physics – Astronomy

Sport – Kung Fu

Forensic Psychology – Future learn


GCSE Psychology  – Revision

iGCSE Physics – Astronomy

iGCSE Biology – The Circulatory system

iGCSE Maths – End of topic revision

History – Queen Victoria and her relationship with her sons

Volunteering – Young Leader – Beavers

English Literature – Piers the Plowman


Day off


Good Friday


English Literature – Piers the Plowman



Year 3 Week 28, 14th March 2016


English literature – Gearint son of Erbin & The first english guide book

iGCSE Maths – Solving equations finding x

iGCSE Physics – Energy

Politics – write two articles one why we should stay in the EU one why we should leave.

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

GCSE Psychology – Madon( 2004) self-fulfilling prophecy and drinking behaviour – Why and how mason conducted the study, the findings in relation to self-filfilling prophecy and an evaluation of the study.  Is criminal research practical and ethical -The practical problems with research into criminality and the ethical problem with research into criminality.


GCSE Psychology – Gathering information from convicted offenders – the practical and ethical problems of gathering information from convicted offenders. Offender profiling – The purpose, process and effectiveness of offender profiling.

iGCSE maths –   Algebra – more finding X

Sport Kung Fu

History – Chinese History – the Silk Road

TV – Animal Behaviour – secret life of the Zoo

Puberty – Voice Breaking 


Politics – Panorama TV- EU should we stay – in or out

GCSE Psychology – The case of John Duffy – John Duffy crimes, the profile of John Duffy.  The job of the forensic psychologist.

English Literature – 60 min lesson

Volunteering – Young leader – Beavers

iGCSE Maths – Algebra X on both sides of the equation

IGCSE Biology – Transport in plants


GCSE Psychology – Becoming a forensic psychologist – Who a forensic psychologist might work for, skills required, qualifications.  How a forensic psychologist might help treat offenders, the treatment of sexual offenders as an example.

iGCSE Maths – Algebra Minus sign outside the bracket

iGCSE Biology – Transport in plants

TV – Its not rocket science – various science experiments

Religion – Sikhism  – How the Guru Granth Sahib is treated in the gurdwara


Morning – Bristol museum – Egypt, rocks and minerals, wildlife of the south west

Afternoon – Bristol University – Neuroscience afternoon – electrical signals through muscles, troop test, time for messages to travel from finger to brain


English Literature –  Pwyll, Prince of Dyved 

English Literature – Barbour the Bruce

Year 3 Week 27, 7th March 2016


iGCSE maths – Algebra Revision – Addition, subtraction, division , multiplication and pro numerals on both sides

GCSE Psychology – Child rearing as an explanation for criminality – How different ways of raising children can influence criminality and examples of power assertion

iGCSE Biology – Label and annotate drawings on respiration and gas exchange

English Language – SPAG – Commonly misused words

Sport – Chepstow Harriers


iGCSE maths – simplifying algebraic products – multiplication

GCSE Psychology – Self-fulfilling prophecy as an explanation for criminality – what is meant by self-fulfilling prophecy and how criminality is caused by the way we treat others

English Language – SPAG – Commonly misspelt words

TV – The history of cats

iGCSE Biology – respiration and gas exchange follow up work

Sport – Kung Fu


Visit to grandparents

English Language – 30 min lesson

English Literature – 60 min lesson

Volunteer – Young leader – Beavers


iGCSE maths – Simplifying algebraic products with brackets

GCSE Psychology – Comparing theories of criminal behaviour – How the biological and social reasons for crime can be compared. How the reasons for criminality relate to the nature-nurture debate

Social – Home Ed Bowling

English Literature – Ivanhoe Chapter 40 to end


iGCSE Biology – Using a photometer to measure respiration in a plant 

iGCSE Maths – Algebra – solving equations

Personal Finance – Economic and political change, changes in financial services, the interrelationships between individuals and households, households and the economy and change over life course.

English language – writing a magazine article – Final article

English Literature – Ivanhoe Narration



Year 3 Week 26, 29th February 2016


History – TV – Back in time for the weekend 1980’s

Maths – percentages revision

Percentages as Fractions

Percentages as Decimals

Fractions and decimals as percentages

Quantities as percentages of others

Increasing by a percentage

Decreasing by a percentage

Finding a number by a given percentage

English Literature – Compare and contrast essay

GCSE Psychology -The ethics of therapies used to treat phobias – the ethics of flooding an systematic desensitisation.  The ethical guidelines of distress and the right to withdraw. The job of a clinical psychologist.

iGCSE Biology – Gas exchange in humans – Human respiratory system, inhalation and exhalation, alveoli, investigation into the effects of exercise on breathing.

Sport – Chepstow Harriers


iGCSE Maths – percentages and fractions – extension exercise

GCSE Psychology – Becoming a clinical psychologist  – Who a clinical psychologist may work for, skills required, qualifications required and what ‘chartered’ means. Clinical Psychologists and phobias – How clinical psychologists teat phobias.

History/ Social – TV 10,000 BC

English Language – SPAG – forming comparatives

Religion – Hinduism – Where did Hinduism begin what are the Hindu holy books, what festivals do Hindu’s celebrate

Social – X-Factor live tour 2016


Cookery – Slow cooked oxtail soup

GCSE Psychology -Heinrichs et al (2005) cultural differences in fears – Cultural issues in the development of phobias.

iGCSE Maths – Standard form 

English Language – 30 min lesson

English literature – 60 min lesson

Volunteer – Young leader – beavers

History – Back in time for the weekend – 1990’s


GCSE Psychology  – Biological explanations for criminality -the genetic basis for criminality, the link between the XYY chromosome abnormality and criminality, Evidence from studies on twins.

iGCSE Maths – Significant figures

iGCSE Biology – The effects of smoking,

Animal – TV – Secret life of the zoo – Reptiles

English Language SPAG – spelling tricky words



GCSE Psychology – Social explanations for criminality – how divorce effects whether people become criminals.  If we are raised in large families, whether it can affect how likely we are to turn to crime.

Animal – TV – Secret life of the zoo -Fatal elephant disease

iGCSE Maths – end of topic test

iGCSE Biology – End of topic questions


English Literature – Ivanhoe


English language – writing a magazine article

English Literature  –  The Mabinogion – Gearint, the son of Erbin

English Literature –  Chaucer – At the Tabard Inn






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