Year 3 Week 34, 25th April 2016


English Language – Discussion paragraphs

English Literature – A poet king  and Manawyddan

Sport – Swimming

GCSE Psychology – Revision


TV – Dangers of alcoholism

GCSE Psychology – Paper 1 Test

Sport – Kung Fu

iGCSE Biology – End of topic questions

Forensic Psychology – Future Learn – Witness testimony


GCSE Psychology – Feed back from test, examiner comments

iGCSE Maths – Maths buster revision

English Grammar – Suffixes and double letter words

iGCSE Physics – Length and Time

iGCSE Biology – Excretion  – Excretion in flowering plants,Excretion in humans, The urinary system,Structure of the kidney and ultrafiltration

TV – Teenage tribes

English Language – 30 min lesson

English Literature – 60 min lesson

Volunteer – Young Leader – Beavers


iGCSE Biology – Excretion – Selective reabsorption, osmoregulation and the kidneys

iGCSE Physics –  Speed Velocity and acceleration

Ethics – TV – Should Zoo’s remain

Citizenship  studies –  Introduction into Learning about identities and diversity , rights and responsibilities and democracy and justice

GCSE Psychology – Experiments

Forensic Psychology – Future learn – witness testimony


GCSE  Psychology  – Writing model answers
Forensic Psychology – Future learn – witness testimony
iGCSE Maths – Maths buster DVD
iGCSE Biology – Excretion – End of unit topic
Personal Finance
Revision skills
Business studies – What is a business and why set up a business



 English Language – Discussion question
 English Literature -Once and Future King Chapter 13- 18 and narration
 English Lit – Age of Chiverely





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  1. baldwinschof
    May 09, 2016 @ 17:20:26

    Credit where credits due that sounds like a very busy but successful week! Perhaps my dear aunt, you are smarter than you look ☺

    Sent from Samsung Mobile


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