Year 3 Week 36, 9th May 2016


GCSE Psychology – Paper 2 test with book

GCSE Citizenship – Freedom to …. freedom from – how freedoms of speech, movement, privacy, association were  obtained and why they were important

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

GCSE Psychology – Revision

Future Learn – Forensic Psychology – Witness Testimony


Sport – Kung Fu

GCSE Psychology – examiners comments

GCSE Psychology Revision

TV – Inside prisons


English Literature – 60 min lesson

Volunteer – Young Leader – Beavers

GCSE Psychology – Revision

TV – Syria – Escape to freedom – Children’s lives

iGCSE Maths – Standard form and scientific notation, using a calculator

iGCSE Biology – Homeostasis


Sport – Sailing

GCSE Psychology –  Revision

iGCSE Biology – Homeostasis

iGCSE Physics –  Mass and weight

Maths – end of topic test

TV – David Attenbourgh  life that glows


TV – Burma War

GCSE Psychology – Unit 2 test paper

Computers/ Beavers – presentation for AGM


GCSE Psychology – Revision

Sport – Ice Skating


GCSE Psychology – Revision

Sport – Swimming


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