Year 4, Week 8, 24th October 2016

Half Term in Tenby


iGCSE Maths – two hour lesson


English Literature – read and narrate Uncle Tom’s Cabin


iGCSE Maths – Course Homework


English Literature – Discussion questions

English Language – Research project


Year 4, Week 7, 17th October 2016


iGCSE Maths – Algebra Revision

English Language – Essay Writing

iGCSE Biology – Revision  – Characteristics  of living organisms and levels of organisms

iGCSE Chemistry – Electroplating  and end of topic questions


 iGCSE maths –  2 hour maths lesson
English Literature – 1 hour lesson
English Language – 30 min lesson
iGCSE Biology – Revision – Experiments and data collection
iGCSE Chemistry  –  exam style questions – Principles of Chemistry
iGCSE Chemistry –   The Periodic table
iGCSE Maths – Algebra
Sport – Kung Fu
iGCSE Maths – Dividing fractions
iGCSE Maths  – Course homework
English Literature – Uncle Tom’s cabin chapter 8-17 and narration

iGCSE Biology – Revision – levels of organisation, the cell and particle movement

HE Social – Bowling

Volunteer – Young leader – Beavers


Sport – Horse riding 1 hour lesson

iGCSE Maths Course Homework

iGCSE Biology  – revision – Exam style questions – Plants, animals and fungi

English Language – Essay writing

English Lit –  Walden and Art of Fiction


iGCSE Maths – practice questions from course

iGCSE Chemistry –  The periodic table

IGCSE Biology – variety of living organisms, classification, and kingdoms

English Language  – research project


English lit – discussion questions

English Lan – Any homework set

IGCSE Maths – practice questions from course


English lang  – research project

IGCSE Maths – practice questions from course

iGCSE Biology – Revision  – Diet, disease and drugs




Year 4, Week 6,10th October 2016


iGCSE Biology – Sample exam questions

iGCSE Maths  – revision questions

English language – essay writing

iGCSE History – The Norman invasion – The battle of Hastings

Sport – 2 mile run

Culture – TV – Gypsy Kids


iGCSE Maths – Online lesson – Liner Algebra
English Literature lesson – 1 hour
English Language lesson 30 mins
AS Politics – New Right Conservatism, the policies of the conservative party today, socialism and labour in the uk – core vales of British socialism ‘old labour’ new labour 
iGCSE Biology – Developing experimental skills 
GCSE PSHE P 12-13 health and the media
Psychology/ sociology TV – Down Syndrome
iGCSE Maths -Factorising liner equations and adding and subtracting fractions
iGCSE Biology- Developing experimental skills
iGCSE ICT – Wi-fi and blue tooth, how to set up and configure a small network, internet, intranets and extranets, LANs and WANs, accessing the internet
English Language – Essay writing
iGCSE History  – Battle of Hastings
iGCSE Chemistry -Metallic crystals 
English Lit reading & narration –  Uncle Tom’s Cabin Chapters 1-7 and narration.  Walden p 27-35 Art of Fiction chapter 8
Cardiff – Careers fayre  –
Maths – Homework
History – TV – Victorian Slum
iGCSE Biology – revision – The scientific process, quality of data and limits of science –
iGCSE Computer Science –  Hexadecimal and  hexadecimal and deanry
iGCSE History -thinking historically questions
Maths – GDP – Revision
iGCSE Chemistry – electrolysis 
English Lit homework – Discussion Questions
English Language homework
Volunteer –  Young Leader – Beaver sleep over
Maths – Revision of week 1  course

Year 4, Week 5, 3rd October 2016

Maths – Maths Revision
English Language  – Essay writing
Biology – End of topic Questions
Chemistry – Covalent substances and questions
Sport 2 mile run
History  – Anglo Saxon and Norman History – 1060-1088 – The rival claimants for the throne – Harold Goodwinson, Edgar Aethling, Harald Hadrada, William of Normandy, Harolds coronation and Reign
Maths – 2 hour on line lesson, Liner algebra and fractions
English Literature 1 hour on line lesson 4
AS Politics –  conservative ideas – Traditional conservatism
TV – at lunch
Biology – cloning
PSHE  –  The media and young people
Sport – Kung Fu
Maths – Algebra equations with fractions
Biology  – end of topic questions
ICT – Solid State storage media, memory sticks, flash memory cards, networks and the effects of using them ( network devices – moderns, hubs, switches, bridge, router) internet protocol (ip) and media access control (mac addresses)
English Language – Essay Writing skills
Volunteering – Young leader Beavers
Cookery – Chicken Curry
English Lit reading & narration – Scarlett Letter read and narration , Chapters 18- End.  Walden pp20-27 ( stopping before So I went on for some days cutting) The Art of fiction Chapters 6 & 7
Sport / Social – Home Ed Horse riding 11- 12
Maths – Equations and brackets
Citizenship  – Can our rights be overruled … if we dont live up to our responsibilities
Maths – Multiplying Fractions
Biology – end of topics questions
Computer Science – converting binary to denary and  denary to binary
History –  The battles of Gate Fulford and Stamford bridge, complete checkpoint( p 31) and do the activity p 31
English Language  – Go to Library  for research topic
English Lit homework – Discussion Questions
Essay Writing – 40 mins

Year 4, Week 4, 26th September 2016

iGCSE Maths – Surds – Simplification
English Language – Essay Writing
iGCSE Biology –  Selective breeding of animals & end of topic questions

GCSE History The house of Godwin and Harold’s embassy to Normandy

iGCSE ICT – magnetic storage media – fixed/ internal hard drives, optical storage media, 
AS Politics –  features of political parties today, functions of parties, party factions and left and right in politics
iGCSE Biology – Genetic modification
English Literature lesson  4pm – 5pm
English Language lesson – 5 pm – 5.30 pm
iGCSE Citizenship -The United Nations, Europe and the 1988 Human Rights Act
iGCSE Maths – surds –  multiplication
AS Law  Delegated legislation
iGCSE Computer Science – Binary and deanery, counting in binary
iGCSE Maths – Surds – division
English Lit  –  Scarlet letter  chapters 10-71 and narration.  Walden pp 13-20 s and  Art of Fiction Chapters 4 and 5
iGCSE Biology  –  end of topic questions
iGCSE ICT –  control applications
iGCSE Physics – velocity and speed time graphs and end of topic questions
GCSE History –  The rising against Earl Tostig, Death of Edward the Confessor
Maths – Surds – Addition and subtraction and mixed examples
English Language – essay writing
PSHE –  body image
Sport – Energi Trampoline park
iGCSE Chemistry – Ionic Crystals and end of topic questions
English Literature – discussion questions on all 3 books
English language Add on English homework

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