Year 4 , 26th June 2017



Recovery day


GCSE History –  writing historically

GCSE History – What have been the biggest changes to policing since 1900’s?

iGCSE English –  Catherine money course – chapter 2 – p 20 -26

Physics- Watch – length and time, – speed and velocity  – mass and weight.


iGCSE Physics- read P 27 – 36 – to end of questions

iGCSE Physics – Watch – density

iGCSE Computer science   –  logic gates, the NOT  gate,  the AND gate – video’s and

OCR -Additional maths – solving linear equations

AS Maths – Conquer maths – Factored Equations


GCSE History pearson – Crime punishment and law in current times

GCSE History –  why is Derek Bentely remembered today? And the abolishment of the death penalty

iGCSE -ICT – The effects of using ICT

A level – Sociology – What is sociology  – nature v nurture, culture, norms and values- do activities

PSHE – Bereavement


iGCSE English –  Catherine Mooney course

iGCSE Physics –  Forces 1

iGCSE Physics Experiment – Developing science skills


GCSE History –  Communicating your answer

GCSE History –  Law enforcement 1900- present

Programming – Python book  p 1-5 including installing python.


iGCSE Physics – Using a spring balance

Investigation of the momentum of bodies before and after collisions , determination of the position of the centre of gravity of an irregularly-shaped lamina using a plumb line

Friction Experiment–  Newtons first law of inertia

Demonstration that a feather and ball bearing fall at the same rate in a vacuum

Spanish – Dulingo


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