17th July 2017 -Year 4


iGCSE Physics – watch – magnetism electrical quantities  electrical quantities 2 , electrical quantities 3

sport : 2 mile run

iGCSE English – p 37 – 51

iGCSE ICT –  Recognition systems

AS level maths – Conquer maths – Quadratic formula 2 

A level Sociology –  Education  – key questions about education, explain class differences, cultural deprivation, language, speech codes, parents education


GCSE History –  policing the nation and historic environment – Whitechapel

English – Assignment 2

Sport : Kung Fu


Physics –  Van De Graaf – How to make one  how does it work 

Play with the electronic circuit kit

iGCSE Computer science –  truth tables  and solving problems

Volunteer – Beavers – young leader


GCSE History – visible learning learning  –  your enquiry and  the local context of white chapel

History :- TV Tudor sweet making


iGCSE English – SPAG – IT’s and its – & speech marks

iGCSE Physics  –  electric circuit kit

iGCSE Computer science – repeat inputs  and inside the cpu

Sport – 5k run

10th July- Year 4


iGCSE Physics – End of topic questions  and  a short research project into comets

iGCSE ICT – manufacturing applications  to expert applications

Additional Maths –  – quadratic equations- l

Conquer maths – Quadratic formula 1

Sport – 2 mile run


GCSE History – – recall quiz  & writing historically.

iGCSE English –  poem – out, out

iGCSE Physics – Gravity and air resistance on the moon

A level Sociology –Inequality , Social class, gender, ethnicity, age, how sociologists study society.

Sport Kung Fu


iGCSE Physics –  exam style questions

iGCSE Computer science –logic circuits and truth tables and circuits

GCSE Citizenship –   the uk economy

Concert – Cold Play


GCSE History  – preparing for your exams

iGCSE  expert systems


iGCSE English –  Course Book

iGCSE Physics – p 88- p100 – Course book


GCSE History –  – whitechapel –  using sources

Programming – Python


History – Visit to Tyntesfield 

Year 4 , 3rd July 2017



iCSE English –   Anthology  –  Touching void

iGCSE ICT – ICT applications – Communication applications , data handling applications, measurement applications

Additional maths –  changing the subject of an equation

Conquer maths – unfactored equations 2

Sport – 2 mile run

A level sociology- socialisation , status and role, individual and society, consensus or conflict, diversity and identity.


iGCSE Physics –Theory

Watch – Forces 2 – , forces 3


History – pearson p 113 – 119 developments in policing

GCSE History –  How has the nature of criminal activity changed through history

iGCSE English – SPAG -Apostrophes and missing letters and possessive apostrophes

Sport – Kung Fu

Sport – 2 mile run


iGCSE Physics – forces

Sport – Horse riding

iGCSE Computer science – p 68 – 71 , the OE and XOR gates and the NAND and NOR  gates, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IodGjURPsY  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaZrrDAkB5s

PSHE  – Relationships – relating to others and parenting

Sport – 2 mile run


GCSE History –Changes in policing and abolishment of death penalty

iGCSE ICT – microprocessors in control applications , modelling applications

iGCSE Physics –– Energy resources

Work and power



iGCSE English –  poem -Disabled

iGCSE -Physics – Energy

iGCSE Computer science – logical processing and simplifying statements

Watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRy97FXrkm0&list=PL04uZ7242_M7vEYGOr_QDVJJNAfip_iEh&index=2

GCSE Citizenship –global warming and sustainability

Sport – 2 mile run


GCSE History –  case study conscientious objectors in the first and second world wars and Derek Bentely

Programming – Introducing IDLE


Day off


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