Year 4 – 21st August 2017

Two weeks  work- school holidays

iGCSE English –  How to read and write poetry – Why is a poem a poem, rhythm and metre.
iGCSE English–  Poems subject and themes, analysing poem – unknown girl by Monica Aliv
iGCSE Physics – light and sound – polarised light, concave and convex mirrors, investigate skills, refraction of light, total internal reflection and the critical angle
Optical fibres , sound waves, ear damage, end of topic questions, exam style questions
phone apps, oscilloscope and sound wave- make noises , whistle etc…
1. Introduce the concept of a transverse wave by drawing attention to a wave pulse as a displacement at right angles to the direction of travel along a rope
2. Ripples
3. See that light travels in a straight line
4. Making a ray box
5. Using Prisms
6.  observing the diffraction of  light with sun light
7. mirror writing
8. measuring speed of sound with a stop watch
9.see sound
10.   Use different instruments to demonstrate loundness, quality and pitch of sound produced ( variety of small instruments up attic in tree draws on left)
GCSE History
Writing better history
Preparing for exams
Past paper 1
iGCSE computer science
Binary systems  – binary data, bits and bytes, binary and deanery, counting in binary, convert binary to deanery, convert deanery to binary, hexadecimal, hexadecimal and deanary, hexadecimal and binary, how heidecmal is used.
Sport – Kung Fu – Grading, Run x 3, stand up paddle boarding
Holiday – North Devon 3 Nights

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