Year 5!!!! Our last year – 4th September 2017

Roadrunner has decided he would prefer me just to give him all that he needs to complete and he decides when he does it.

Super powers  – Timeline – The origins of the cold war – early tensions between east & west
 13 differences between the super powers 
How to carry out a better experiment- fair tests- controls- safety- general revision tips.
The scientific method
 Presentation of data
States of matter
experiment – speed at which ice melts to water and then boils & what happens when steam cools down – to show how molecules of water vapour take up more space than the molecules of an ice cube. 
Units if energy, energy, different kinds of energy, potential and kinetic energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, conservation of energy, snaky diagrams, thermal transfer, conduction, convection and radiation- 
Experiments – Estimating the energy transferred to potential energy in climbing a flight of stairs
 Experiment to show the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy- potential energy applied  to roller coasters kinetic and  potential energy
How to answer a question about poetry in the exam  and assignment 5
Computer science
 Data storage, number values, digital graphics, digital sound and video, compression
Horse riding
Kung Fu

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