Year 5 – 11th September 2017

Super powers 
The development of the cold war – the impact of the truman doctrine and marshall plan, formation of com inform and comecon
Soviet expansion, how soviet control was carried out 1945-47, impact on us soviet relations, examination practice.
Experiments – Diffusion in Air, diffusion in liquid, diffusion in liquid using chemicals. 
Atomic structure , relative formula masses and molar volume of gasses 
End of topic questions
 work  and power- work , gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy, power,  end of topic questions
energy resources and  electricity generation, renewable energy sources.
Task – list the disadvantages and advantages of different renewable and non- renewable resources in terms of pollution, cost time to replace renewables and response time – mini project
estimating the energy transferred to potential energy in climbing a flight of stairs
creating craters
 writing to inform – genre, purpose, audience,
Anthology – The last night from charlotte grey
 and  global warming
Computer science
 data transmission, long or short distance, simple and duplex, types of cable, serial or parallel, data bus, transmission errors p 39
work through the data folder of the online version – folder 2 – communication- s
python programming
Additional Maths
changing the subject of an algebraic expression and the solution of linear simultaneous equations
One hour lesson
10k run
Kung Fu

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