Year 5 – 29 Jan 2018

iGCSE Business studies

 Multinational Companies

Factors influencing the choice of organistation

Factors of Production
Primary, secondary and tertiary activities

iGCSE English Language 

The Explorers Daughter – Kari Herbet

Worksheet 1 & 2

Explorers or boys messing about

Video  worksheet

Write a letter – Your local newspaper is collecting ideas on how to improve road safety in your area. Write a letter to the newspaper giving your ideas

GCSE History

The struggle for power 1924-28

The use of terror in the 1930’s

Propaganda, censorship and the cult of stalin

Crime and punishment – revision 1 & 2


Microsoft word – 2 hours

Microsoft excel – 1 hour

Spanish – 1 hour lesson, 2 hours practice

Volunteering – Young Leader – Beavers

Sport – Kung Fu,  2 mile run

Year 5 – 22 Jan 2018

On to the final few months of our Home Education Journey, we were aiming for two more subjects History and English Language, but road runner has decided that he would like to round his total qualifications to 8, so we are just starting on Business studies – A two year course in 4 months!  – Child-led education!

iGCSE Business studies
1. What is business activity
BBC Bitesize
2 Business objectives
BBC Bitesize

3.Sole traders, partnerships and franchises

4. Limited liability companies

BBC Bitesize
iGCSE English Language
 Descriptive Essays and write an essay
Danger of a single story – Chimanmanda Ngozi Adichie
Questions – Reading Comprehension Questions & Reading close analysis questions
 A passage to Africa George Alagiah
Questions – Reading Practice  & Language features
GCSE History
The Bolsheviks in power
Early consolidation of power
The execution of Tsar Nicholas ii and his family
The civil war 1981-21
Changes under the bolsheviks 1918-24
Why was the Tsar forced to abdicate
Chronological order February revolution
How did the Bolsheviks consolidate their power
Kung Fu
2 mile run
3 mile walk

1 hour Spanish lesson – 2 hours practice

volunteering – Young Leader – Beavers



18th January – 6 weeks

Revision, Revision , Revision.

Christmas, New Year, Birthday, visit to We the Curious and M Shed

Chemistry and Physics iGCSE’s Exams


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