Year 5 – 19th February 18

Business studies
Human Resources –
15. Internal Organisation
16.Departmental functions
17.Communication in business
18. Communication method.

Organising staff –
Communication –

English Language


From behind the sky and earth: a jounrney into Bhutan

Understanding the vocabulary –

Analysing the text

H is for Hawk – Helen Mcdonald

Text book 
How to write a good argument essay  – assignment 8


Revision – Cold War

Past papers –


Spanish – 1 hour lesson – 2 hours practice

2 hours word training

1 hour excel training

Interview for 6th form

The Script Concert

Sport – 2.5 mile run and Kung Fu


Year 5 – 5th Feb 2018

Two weeks work including half term.

IGCSE – Business studies
Business Location
Government influence on business- economic and regional policy
Government influence on business – legislation and other controls
International trade and exchange rates
External Influences
Judging Success
class clips –
iGCSE – English Language 

Young and dyslexic Benjamin Zephaniah

Questions and Quiz

Between a rock and a hard Place – Aron Ralston

Questions and Quiz

A game of Polo with a headless goat

Questions and video

Lesson – Writing to argue, persuade or advise

Write an essay (20 marks)
Not all schools prepare young people for living in the real world.’ Explain your views on this statement.

GCSE History


The struggle for power 1924-28

Government control of education
The Cult of Stalin
Recap- Stalin’s rise to power and dictatorship
Writing  historically
Agriculture and collectivism
Changes in Industry
Life in Soviet Union in the 1930’s
The position of women and ethnic minorities


Microsoft word

Microsoft Excel

Spanish – 2 hours of lessons 4 hours practice

Kung Fu – Grading

Horse riding lesson

Ice Skating

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