Year 5 , 11th March 2018

2 weeks work

Business studies
Accounting and Finance
Sources of finance – short term
working capital

English Language

Text book – chapter 10

Still I rise, Maya Angelou and questions

Read prose section – some additional notes

The story of an hour – Kate Chopin

The necklace, guy de Maupassant

Comparing the necklace with Cinderella

How the necklace is structured

Essay practice

  1. You have recently been on an expensive holiday which was a waste of time

Write a letter of complaint to the travel company

2. Write a newspaper article giving your views on ” Life for todays teenagers

is better than ever”


Anglo Saxon and Normans

Conclusion – Norman England – 1066-68, feudalism, the church and government
william I, his sons and the norman aristocracy – conclusion
writing better history

2 hours of word training
1 hour of excel training


Spanish – 1 hour lesson, 2 hours practice

Sport – 2 mile run and Kung Fu

Volunteer – Young Leader – Beavers

Trip to London – 2 days

Ripper Tour 

Tour of Parliament

Imperial War Museum 

Walking tour of main sites – Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, River Thames walk, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Downing Street.



Year 5, 4th March 2018

Results week so proud A* in both physics and chemistry.

iGCSE Business studies
Human Resources –
 Financial rewards
 Non financial rewards

Past paper

iGCSE English Language


Text book –  more writing to persuade and advise  and writing to explore and assignment


The bright lights of Sarajevo

Use of light and darkness

An unknown girl

GCSE History

Anglo Saxon and Normans

 1066: invasion and battle, William I in Power, securing the kingdom, 1066-87

2 hours of word training
1 hour of excel training


Sport – horse riding and Kung Fu

Volunteering – Young Leader – Beavers

Spanish – lesson and practise



Year 5 – 25th February 2018

iGCSE Business Studies
Human Resources 
19. Recruitment and selection
20. Legislation and human resources
21. Training
22. Motivation at work



iGCSE English Language 

Anthology  – Chinese Cinderella

Language methods


Out Out

Research and questions


Ideas and attitudes



Text book  – writing to persuade and advise, writing to explore  & assignment


Essay –

Your year group is holding a debate about zoos and wildlife parks. Write the text of a

speech giving your views on whether they are beneficial or harmful.

GCSE History 

Anglo Saxon and Normans

Introducing the Norman Conquest, anglo Saxon society, 1066 Death, succession and claim to the throne


Word & Excel

Spanish – one hour lesson – 2 hours revision

Sport – Kung Fu

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