Year 5 , 11th March 2018

2 weeks work

Business studies
Accounting and Finance
Sources of finance – short term
working capital

English Language

Text book – chapter 10

Still I rise, Maya Angelou and questions

Read prose section – some additional notes

The story of an hour – Kate Chopin

The necklace, guy de Maupassant

Comparing the necklace with Cinderella

How the necklace is structured

Essay practice

  1. You have recently been on an expensive holiday which was a waste of time

Write a letter of complaint to the travel company

2. Write a newspaper article giving your views on ” Life for todays teenagers

is better than ever”


Anglo Saxon and Normans

Conclusion – Norman England – 1066-68, feudalism, the church and government
william I, his sons and the norman aristocracy – conclusion
writing better history

2 hours of word training
1 hour of excel training


Spanish – 1 hour lesson, 2 hours practice

Sport – 2 mile run and Kung Fu

Volunteer – Young Leader – Beavers

Trip to London – 2 days

Ripper Tour 

Tour of Parliament

Imperial War Museum 

Walking tour of main sites – Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, River Thames walk, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Downing Street.


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