Week 1 HE – 2nd September

Its our first official week of HE so I was expecting this week to be quite relaxed since we  only came back from holiday 1st September and had Mr Pickles’ birthday on Wednesday.   We have drawn up a chart of different topics that we need to cover to ensure we cover a broad and balanced curriculum, I have chosen some that I class as essential subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History and Geography with Roadrunner choosing some topics such as Astronomy , Photography and Spanish.

Roadrunner has looked at the chart and chosen which topics he would like to study in the first week, so here is our first weeks schedule


1.  History – The Norman Conquest – Battle of Hastings

2.  Music – Piano – Learning the C scale and keeping a steady rhythm

3.   Photography – Looking at the dial of a camera and the semi automatic functions and making a power-point presentation to teach Mr Pickles

4.  Hedgerow walk collecting berries

5. NLP – spelling training

6. Tae-Kwando


1. Spanish – Saying hello and goodbye

2.  Art – Making Mr Pickles’ a birthday card

3. Gardening – Looking at compost animal, human & green toilets and how they benefit the  soil

4. NLP spelling training

5. Piano practice from yesterdays lesson – 15 mins

6. Making Minecraft video with friend


1. Cookery – Make Mr Pickles’ birthday cake

2. Sign Language – learning BSL finger spelling  and numbers

3. Maths – Conquer Maths – assessment test

4. Piano practice

5. Current affairs – Read First News

6. Sport – one hour bike ride

7. NLP spelling


1. Maths – The number system

2.  Money – The history of money

3. Chemistry – What is chemistry and looking at the different apparatus that is used and how to draw the apparatus symbols

4.  Computer maintenance – deleting all files not required – he managed to free up 24GB of minecraft files!

5.  Athletics

6. NLP – Spelling


1.  Technical drawing with dad

2.  English – Looking at a poem

3.  Raspberry Pi – Attached two LED’s and made them flash in different sequences using python

4.  Sign Language – Finger spelling quiz

5.  Guitar practice

6.  Chemistry – More apparatus drawing


1. 1 hour horse riding lesson and 1 hour trek

Well considering its supposed to be a relatively easy week I think we packed quite a bit in.


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