Week 28 – 9th March 2014


Woodwork – Using a circular saw


Gardening – Cleaning equipment- why its important to wash and clean garden equipment.

History – Edwardian Farm – Cherry Picking, potato crops, salmon fishing and methodist day trip to the beach.

Oceanography – Research vessels and equipment, video first manned mission to worlds deepest known undersea vents, Exploring the ocean floor in manned submersibles,  diary entries  of a day on a research vessel , Planning ahead, where each ship will be, working with an ROV,  Marine Technology

Astronomy – The sky at night and looking how pictures from DSLR’s attached to scope

Maths – Addition of Decimals

Greek Mythology – Cronus Titian King

Sport – Fencing


History – Visit to a Cobblers

History – Visit to Dukes Table in Trefil

Geology/ History / TV  Location –  Trefil Quarry , looking at the quarry and the limestone, how it was used in the local steel works, family history Road Runner’s Great Granddad drove the train that took the limestone to the steel works, how the disused landscape is now  used for many TV programs.

Sport – Running

Social – Scouts


English – Writing an article about food for a national competition

Maths – Addition of decimals

History – Edwardian Farm, making charcoal, making Iron from Iron Ore, making a weather vain, home made barometer, oat harvest, start of first world war

Biology – Menstrual cycle, Fertilisation and conception

Money – Looking at house insurance, why the cheapest is not the best, why re build value is different than house value, what contents insurance covers, what buildings insurance


Documentary –  Astronaut’s  in Space, what they eat, how they are monitored, contact with families, where they sleep, how they exercise.

Maths- Decimals and subtraction

Sign Language – Asking Name, Where do you live, Your age and workplace and answering

Oceanography –  Schedules on cruises, how to get the timings correct ensuring that there is very little down time, life at sea, logistics onboard and virtual tour of ship, test week 5

History People – Grace Darling, Edward Jenner, Rosa Parks, Thomas Barnardo and Elizabeth Fry


Big Bang STEM Festival

DSCF1294Roadrunner was a neutron attracting electron’s, saw the Bloodhound car  and had a go at the simulator at driving the car, saw a Gatronaut  show, a dome show where we went into a cell to look at the parts in depth, met an astronaut, chocolate welding, made a bacteria out of plastercine, went in a virtual site office, with BBC Natural History Camera men looked at different camera’s they had, macro, thermal, slow motion and small wand.  Saw a short BBC show and finally a machine that could solve a rubik cube in


2.71 seconds.


Week 25 – 16 February


1.9km Timed Run

5.35 Mile Walk around the wetlands


Maths- Fractions

Oceanography – How many creatures live in the ocean.  Looking at the collectors curve.

History – Victorian Farm

Vets- Another Trip to the vets

English – Writing to Inform

Biology – Becoming an Adult, looking at the time line of changes to the body from childhood to end of puberty.

Sport – Fencing


Culture – Video New lives in the wild, looking at an American who moved  from Florida to the remote jungle of the Philippines

Maths- Addition of Fractions

ICT – Revision of Unit 1 – Answered 22 questions verbally.

Gardening – Planting Chilli Plants looking for the best option of where to let the seedlings grow, due to temperature required, discussed use of  heated propagator.

Money Matters – looking at cat insurance, and looking beyond the price, what polices cover you for, reading there terms and conditions/ policy exclusions.

Biology – Converting a table  of information into a bar graph

Sport – Athletics


Science / Technology – A visit to Techniquest to meet up with my sister and two nephews.


Oceanography – How new species are documented and how life adapts to living in the deep ocean.

Culture – Life in the wild – looking at how one individual left the rat race to live alone in a swamp.

History – Ancient Greek , read about the  palace at Knossos which we will be visiting on our holiday

Biology – Dissection video – the Human hand

English –  Assignment 6 – writing 4 pieces of “writing to inform”.

Maths – Fractions – subtraction with different denominators

Sport – Athletics


Maths – Fractions of Whole numbers

Current Affairs / Geology – News article  from Guardian

Oceanography- Blue planet Game, Photos of creatures of the deep and test

History – Victorian Farm

English – Re-writing assignment 6, neater, with correct spellings and punctuation.

Community – Founders Day service at church for all Guides and Scouts


Sport – 2 Hour NICAS Climbing Session

Sport – Swimming lesson

Week 11 10/11/13


Scouts – Remberence Sunday

Sport – Running 1.8 Miles


Maths – Division with Fractional Remainders and Short Division with Fractional Remainders

English – Sentence construction

Natural World – Video The Orangutan

Religion –  Places of Worship

Nutrition – Macronutrients – Protein

Sport – Taekwando

Music – Guitar Lesson


Maths- Using Addition, Minus, Multiplication and divide in every day questions

ICT – Input Devices

History – Look around Tredegar museum and council chambers



Sport – Very Muddy Cross Country Run

Maths – Division Revision

Cookery – making mini pork burgers and bread rolls

Chemistry – Looking at temperature that water freezes boils and what happens when it’s not pure by adding salt.

Maths – Equivalent Fractions

Natural History – Giant Squid Video

Sport – Tae kwando


Maths -Simplyfing Fractions

Sport – Climbing at the warehouse


Maths- Mixed numerals to improper fractions

Programming – Python

Biology – The severn stages of nutrition and the human digestive system

English – Spelling Test

English – Comprehension Exercise

Photography  and  outdoor walk


Swimming Lesson


Week 4 – 22/09/2013


Sport – 7 Mile cycle ride


Maths – Rounding off to the nearest 10,100,1000

Cookery – Making piccalilli – following instructions, looking at why we sterilise jars and why we use vinegar proof lids

Geography –  6 figure grid references

Religion – How the six main religions started

Guitar lesson


Swimming lesson

English – Looking at an article on the  world poor and answering questions

Maths – Revision of topics not fully understood

ICT – Computer security

Science Britannia – BBC Documentary – Frankenstein Monsters

Piano – Lesson Introducing b – flat

Spanish – Counting to 12

Guitar practice


Technology for fun session – Gloucester – making a buggy Mark 1DSC_0008-2

Photography project

Reading Aquila and Greek Gods


Maths: Order of operations including indices

Python : finished inputting bat & ball game (started last week) and completed various challenges to modify colours, sizes, speeds, etc.

Sketching practice

2 mile walk


Maths –  The number System I – Test

Sign Language – Numbers 11-20 and colours

Guitar Practice

English – Essay – writing an article on his opinions of helping the world’s poor

Chemistry – Safety, what clothing to wear, sighting and using a bunson burner, looking at the different flames

Week 2 HE – 9th September 13


Running –  2 mile run with Dad


Maths – Roman Numerals

Sign Language – going over unit one and assessment test

Cookery- Sweet potato and chicken soup – slow cooker

Biology – The seven processes of living organisms

Geography- Look at a map, Grid lines,  features and finding a reference

Music – Looking at a riff , playing a riff on the piano

Sport – Tae-kwando

Technology – Transferring CD’S to computer then walkman


Maths – Expanded notation using powers and Expanded notation as a numeral

Meet up with local HE lad

Nutrition – Looking at a balanced diet, how malnutrition occurs,  the eat well plate and planning a balanced packed lunch

NLP – Spelling

Photography – Transferring photographs from the SD card to the computer and Adobe Photoshop program



Conquer Maths – Order of Operations 1 and Galore Park, words used in Maths

Current affairs – Looked at First News, chose an article that he  was interested in, – Storms – and researched this topic further

English – Wrote how he felt about using animals in circuses

Sport – Tae-kwando

NLP – Spelling


Cookery – Making french stick and lasagne , discussing what yeast does to a bread and knife skills

Religion – Looking at the different symbols that different religions use and designing your own symbols

English – Reading about the history of the English language and how it differs from other languages

Craft – Up-cycling  – Sanding down an old dining room chair


Maths – Times tables practice and order of operations on conquer maths

Computer science – Programming in python – introduction to print and input statements, variables, for & while loops, also used random library and started getting used to the “idle” IDE

Sports – Swimming – watched Mr Smooth front crawl animation from different angles and then went to practice


Maths – Food shopping – working out the best value products by looking at price per 100g and working out that larger packs or special offers are not always best deal.

Technology – replaced Windows XP on an old laptop with Linux


B&Q woodwork session – Making a hedgehog house

KS3 ICT/Computer Science

29 April 2013

Back to some structure  looking at data and information and looking how a computer validates information.

Then onto to trying to design some of his own mine-craft Mods

13th March 2013

Together with his Dad, Roadrunner has turned his rasberry pi into a  music streaming  system, we are now going to buy a further pi to have this as a permanent device in the attic to play music  stored on the backup drive.  Both boys (that’s Dad and Roadrunner!)   have had a go at writing their own mod for minecraft with some basic programming they built some towers.

23rd Feb 2013

The Robotic arm is now complete.  To being with he’s used the basic program to control the arm, he’s now going to use the more sophisticated software to program the arm to carry out a sequence of moves.

4th February 2013

Quite a busy month.  Road runner has been playing with his raspberry pi and used it with my camera ( Nikon D60) to make a time lapse camera and set it to take photos of the snowman melting.  He then found software on line to turn the photos into a film.

He’s learnt how to back up his raspberry pi, and  had a go at python programming, by following the book  Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner .  He’s completed the first mini project.

DSC_0095 He’s started to build his robotic arm that he had as a birthday present.

3rd January 2013

Roadrunner has created his own minecraft Avatar skin.

minecraft 2

minecraft 1

30th December 12

Road runner had a Raspberry Pi  for Christmas, he’s completed the initial set up and attempted some basic programming.  With my DSLR he’s set up a time lapse program.

With Minecraft he’s learnt how to create back up folders, so when something happens to his program, for example he wanted 100 Ducks but 100 Dragons descended which can  destroy his world, so he is able to revert to an earlier version

10th December 12

We are using the CGP ICT KS3 book.  It does seem a little dry so I will have to find lost of online activities to supplement the book, we had a look at what Data is, Binary and feed back loops. For a few years he has used Scratch and we hope to  develop his  programming skills with this.  Both Roadrunner and his brother like Minecraft, he has now set up (with the help of his dad) his own server and is learning basic program commands to transport  characters, he has learnt the effects that some commands are not all positive , he has built  houses, and a  roller coaster, and a farm so far in his world.

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