Week 27 – 2nd March 2014


Music – Guitar Lesson

Oceanography – More about how the sea gets to be so salty and why the salt concentration does not keep increasing


Maths – Fractions, simplifying before multiplication

English –  Reading a passage about the Elephant Child and answering questions

Biology – Male and Female reproductive systems, labelling and matching descriptions to parts.

Animal Behaviour – Inside the animal mind

Oceanography – Iron concentration and movement

Cookery – Pancakes

Sign Language – Greetings, Lip reading and body language

Culture – New Lives in the wild – Panama

Social – Scouts


DSC_0087Physics – Power transmission, using apparatus transmitting a force through a long tube and making the air thinner by creating a vacuum.  Looking at the densities of water and air and Newton.

Maths – Cancelling down fractions and multiplication

Oceanography – Planning a cruise – reasons to set sail, planning the exhibition  and back at base

Culture – New Lives in the wild – the Himalayas

History – Edwardian Farm

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – 7,8,9 times table practice

Sport – Climbing

History – People – Florence Nightingale – Nursing and Alexander Bell- Telephone


Sport – Timed 1.2 mile run

History – People – Harriet Tubman – Slavery, Brunel – Railway, Mary Anning- Fossil Hunter

Biology – Dissection the human foot video, trying to write his name with his foot

English – reading a letter from an RSPCA inspector about elephants in zoo’s and answering questions

Gardening – Potting on

Geography – National Parks in the UK, why we have them, what conflicts can occur and solutions to those conflicts


DSC_0099Sport – 7 Mile walk Oystermouth to Caswell bay and back

Week 25 – 16 February


1.9km Timed Run

5.35 Mile Walk around the wetlands


Maths- Fractions

Oceanography – How many creatures live in the ocean.  Looking at the collectors curve.

History – Victorian Farm

Vets- Another Trip to the vets

English – Writing to Inform

Biology – Becoming an Adult, looking at the time line of changes to the body from childhood to end of puberty.

Sport – Fencing


Culture – Video New lives in the wild, looking at an American who moved  from Florida to the remote jungle of the Philippines

Maths- Addition of Fractions

ICT – Revision of Unit 1 – Answered 22 questions verbally.

Gardening – Planting Chilli Plants looking for the best option of where to let the seedlings grow, due to temperature required, discussed use of  heated propagator.

Money Matters – looking at cat insurance, and looking beyond the price, what polices cover you for, reading there terms and conditions/ policy exclusions.

Biology – Converting a table  of information into a bar graph

Sport – Athletics


Science / Technology – A visit to Techniquest to meet up with my sister and two nephews.


Oceanography – How new species are documented and how life adapts to living in the deep ocean.

Culture – Life in the wild – looking at how one individual left the rat race to live alone in a swamp.

History – Ancient Greek , read about the  palace at Knossos which we will be visiting on our holiday

Biology – Dissection video – the Human hand

English –  Assignment 6 – writing 4 pieces of “writing to inform”.

Maths – Fractions – subtraction with different denominators

Sport – Athletics


Maths – Fractions of Whole numbers

Current Affairs / Geology – News article  from Guardian

Oceanography- Blue planet Game, Photos of creatures of the deep and test

History – Victorian Farm

English – Re-writing assignment 6, neater, with correct spellings and punctuation.

Community – Founders Day service at church for all Guides and Scouts


Sport – 2 Hour NICAS Climbing Session

Sport – Swimming lesson

Week 21 – 19th January 2014


Maths – Triangles

Project – Continuing with his dolphin research project

History – Victorian Farm

English – Question mark exercise then finding 4 letter words and more out of the word question mark

Chemistry – PH- Testing items around the house with litmus paper, to see their PH, looking at PH meters then testing garden soil to make sure our Heather plants have the correct PH

Piano – Lesson

Guitar – Lesson

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

History – Victorian Farm

Geography – How fog is formed, this was a question raised since all the water logged fields have mist above them currently and the river Severn has dense fog above when we travel to Gloucester.

Craft – Started building his  timber kit – guitar man

English – Essay structure Idea, start, middle and end

DNA – The basics of DNA via a minecraft mod

Social – Scouts


 Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

History – Victorian Farm

Global – Child Marriages, Forced  arranged marriages, forced sterilisation programme Eugenics in America

Sport – 2 mile Run

Sport/ Social – Taekwando

Gardening – choosing healthy plants, plant the plants


 Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

Computer studies – Coding Khan Academy

Greek Mythology – Uranus – God of Heavens

Natural History – Wild Honey Bees

History – Victorian Farm

Sport/ Social – Athletics Club


Sport – 1.6 Mile run

Global/ Cultural – Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse – Looking at Education in China and the Gaokao Exam

Global/ History – China – The Terracotta Army

Global – Writing your name in Chinese – Wrote  all our names

History – Victorian Farm

Maths – Angles

Week 19 – 5th January 2014


Sport – 2 Mile Run


Home Educators day @Bristol. – Physics Day

Altitude show – forces of flight

Atoms – to Astrophysics workshop- Looking at magnets and fields, electrons and charge, using IR cameras, ferrofluids and plasma balls.Evan @ Bristol

Physics Drop in activities – Looked at various activities and brought some worksheets home to try at home.

Evan @Bristol 2

Free time in the exhibition – we had a good look around but in detail the development of an embryo, step inside a mothers womb, how comets are formed, found that no one with our surname lived in Wales in 1881, looked at sound waves, captured a short animation film and we finished off looking at the winters night sky in the planetarium.

Sport – Taekwando


Sport – 2 mile run

Maths – Geometry – Faces & Vertices

History –  Tudor Farm at Christmas

Geography – Fieldwork project, start to look at the main elements of what a project entails, Hypothesis, Design, Record and presentation and analysis.

English – Reading extracts and finding out facts that were in large pieces of writing

Game – Mancala a game of strategy, judgement and patience

Social – Scouts


DSC_0088Chemistry – Acids and alkalis – tasting safe acids and alkalis – lime juice and bicarbonate of soda, showing how bicarb neutralises the sharpness of an acid.

Using limit blue, showing that adding an acid turns it red then by adding an alkali it is neutralised and goes back blue.

Maths –  Geometry  Shapes

RE – Looking at different objects different religions may have in their house

Biology – Reproduction – Gametes , Zygotes  and embryos.

Citizenship – Justice  – Stephen  Lawrence story

Natural History – Spy in the pod – Dolphins

Project – Dolphin research presented on powerpoint

Sport – Taekwando


Sign Language – Colours and numbers 11-100

Culture – Chinese New Year – Powerpoint presentation on how they celebrate their New Year and found three dishes for us to cook at home

English – Shakespeare – Synopsis of Much Ado About Nothing.  Best way to prepare answers and writing well and giving examples.

Physics – Solar Energy

Money Management –  Gold to Modern Money

Maths – Shapes

History – The workhouse

Sport – Athletics Club


Sign Language – Assignment 2 Test – Passed

Maths – Shapes

Technology – Taking apart an old printer, well that was the aim after 30 mins neither of us could get it apart.

Natural History – Part 2 of Inside the Pod – Dolphins

History – The Workhouse and the practice of sending children to Australia


Swimming lesson

Week 14 – 1/12/13


Global/ IT – Looking at Christmas traditions in Greece, Holland and the UK and preparing a powerpoint presentation on them.

Cookery – Making a tuna and prawn Lasagna

Maths – Fractions – Addition with different denominators

Animal Behaviour – How animals behave with humans – Video and practical washing the cat

Sport – Tae Kwando


DSC_0143Chemistry – Making acid and alkali solutions – made solutions of Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate, Lime Water, Sodium Carbonate and sodium Hydroxide.  Looked at what an acid and alkali are.


Video – Africa Count down to the rains, Animal adaptation to serve drought

Biology – Looking at artificial Organs – Heart- Lung machine, and Kidney Dialysis.  Researching stem cells project.

English – Designing a fact based poster on seals

Social – Scouts


Opticians- where the optician explained about the eye muscles, then a worksheet on the eye at home.

Video – Africa – Waiting for the rains part 2

Physics –  What we use the sun’s energy for

Music – Lyrics and melody

Maths – Practical Maths – working out how much paint we require for kitchen cupboard doors

Sport/ Social – Taekwando


Spanish – revision of greetings, numbers and alphabet

Khan Academy Coding

Sport – Climbing


History/Activists/Politics/ mind maps – Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

Engineering – The design process – our Dyson box

Computer Science – Python



Week 11 10/11/13


Scouts – Remberence Sunday

Sport – Running 1.8 Miles


Maths – Division with Fractional Remainders and Short Division with Fractional Remainders

English – Sentence construction

Natural World – Video The Orangutan

Religion –  Places of Worship

Nutrition – Macronutrients – Protein

Sport – Taekwando

Music – Guitar Lesson


Maths- Using Addition, Minus, Multiplication and divide in every day questions

ICT – Input Devices

History – Look around Tredegar museum and council chambers



Sport – Very Muddy Cross Country Run

Maths – Division Revision

Cookery – making mini pork burgers and bread rolls

Chemistry – Looking at temperature that water freezes boils and what happens when it’s not pure by adding salt.

Maths – Equivalent Fractions

Natural History – Giant Squid Video

Sport – Tae kwando


Maths -Simplyfing Fractions

Sport – Climbing at the warehouse


Maths- Mixed numerals to improper fractions

Programming – Python

Biology – The severn stages of nutrition and the human digestive system

English – Spelling Test

English – Comprehension Exercise

Photography  and  outdoor walk


Swimming Lesson


Week 8 – 21/10/2013


Sport – Run  & Squash  with Dad


Physics – Energy conversion and energy resources

Music – Structure of a song

Spanish – numbers

Natural history video – Elephants of Sri Lanka

English – Nouns

Guitar Lesson



English – Read introduction to word weaves course and handwriting practise

ICT – Input Machines

National Schools Film Week – Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Physics Homework

Maths – Subtraction



English – Word Weavers – Chapter 1 – Describing words, making interesting statements about items

Maths – Averages

Gardening – Preparing a bed and replanting blackcurrant bushes



Maths – Averages

Maths – Topic test

DSC_0087Cookery / Biology – Braised Squirrel – Yep that is correct! – Looking at structure and anatomy  of squirrel, then cooking it.




English – Word Weavers  Assignment 1

Natural History – Life of Meerkats


Friday – Teacher training day

Pi – Completed the wire and loop gameDSC_0084


Sport – Run  with Dad

Week 4 – 22/09/2013


Sport – 7 Mile cycle ride


Maths – Rounding off to the nearest 10,100,1000

Cookery – Making piccalilli – following instructions, looking at why we sterilise jars and why we use vinegar proof lids

Geography –  6 figure grid references

Religion – How the six main religions started

Guitar lesson


Swimming lesson

English – Looking at an article on the  world poor and answering questions

Maths – Revision of topics not fully understood

ICT – Computer security

Science Britannia – BBC Documentary – Frankenstein Monsters

Piano – Lesson Introducing b – flat

Spanish – Counting to 12

Guitar practice


Technology for fun session – Gloucester – making a buggy Mark 1DSC_0008-2

Photography project

Reading Aquila and Greek Gods


Maths: Order of operations including indices

Python : finished inputting bat & ball game (started last week) and completed various challenges to modify colours, sizes, speeds, etc.

Sketching practice

2 mile walk


Maths –  The number System I – Test

Sign Language – Numbers 11-20 and colours

Guitar Practice

English – Essay – writing an article on his opinions of helping the world’s poor

Chemistry – Safety, what clothing to wear, sighting and using a bunson burner, looking at the different flames

Week 2 HE – 9th September 13


Running –  2 mile run with Dad


Maths – Roman Numerals

Sign Language – going over unit one and assessment test

Cookery- Sweet potato and chicken soup – slow cooker

Biology – The seven processes of living organisms

Geography- Look at a map, Grid lines,  features and finding a reference

Music – Looking at a riff , playing a riff on the piano

Sport – Tae-kwando

Technology – Transferring CD’S to computer then walkman


Maths – Expanded notation using powers and Expanded notation as a numeral

Meet up with local HE lad

Nutrition – Looking at a balanced diet, how malnutrition occurs,  the eat well plate and planning a balanced packed lunch

NLP – Spelling

Photography – Transferring photographs from the SD card to the computer and Adobe Photoshop program



Conquer Maths – Order of Operations 1 and Galore Park, words used in Maths

Current affairs – Looked at First News, chose an article that he  was interested in, – Storms – and researched this topic further

English – Wrote how he felt about using animals in circuses

Sport – Tae-kwando

NLP – Spelling


Cookery – Making french stick and lasagne , discussing what yeast does to a bread and knife skills

Religion – Looking at the different symbols that different religions use and designing your own symbols

English – Reading about the history of the English language and how it differs from other languages

Craft – Up-cycling  – Sanding down an old dining room chair


Maths – Times tables practice and order of operations on conquer maths

Computer science – Programming in python – introduction to print and input statements, variables, for & while loops, also used random library and started getting used to the “idle” IDE

Sports – Swimming – watched Mr Smooth front crawl animation from different angles and then went to practice


Maths – Food shopping – working out the best value products by looking at price per 100g and working out that larger packs or special offers are not always best deal.

Technology – replaced Windows XP on an old laptop with Linux


B&Q woodwork session – Making a hedgehog house

Week 1 HE – 2nd September

Its our first official week of HE so I was expecting this week to be quite relaxed since we  only came back from holiday 1st September and had Mr Pickles’ birthday on Wednesday.   We have drawn up a chart of different topics that we need to cover to ensure we cover a broad and balanced curriculum, I have chosen some that I class as essential subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History and Geography with Roadrunner choosing some topics such as Astronomy , Photography and Spanish.

Roadrunner has looked at the chart and chosen which topics he would like to study in the first week, so here is our first weeks schedule


1.  History – The Norman Conquest – Battle of Hastings

2.  Music – Piano – Learning the C scale and keeping a steady rhythm

3.   Photography – Looking at the dial of a camera and the semi automatic functions and making a power-point presentation to teach Mr Pickles

4.  Hedgerow walk collecting berries

5. NLP – spelling training

6. Tae-Kwando


1. Spanish – Saying hello and goodbye

2.  Art – Making Mr Pickles’ a birthday card

3. Gardening – Looking at compost animal, human & green toilets and how they benefit the  soil

4. NLP spelling training

5. Piano practice from yesterdays lesson – 15 mins

6. Making Minecraft video with friend


1. Cookery – Make Mr Pickles’ birthday cake

2. Sign Language – learning BSL finger spelling  and numbers

3. Maths – Conquer Maths – assessment test

4. Piano practice

5. Current affairs – Read First News

6. Sport – one hour bike ride

7. NLP spelling


1. Maths – The number system

2.  Money – The history of money

3. Chemistry – What is chemistry and looking at the different apparatus that is used and how to draw the apparatus symbols

4.  Computer maintenance – deleting all files not required – he managed to free up 24GB of minecraft files!

5.  Athletics

6. NLP – Spelling


1.  Technical drawing with dad

2.  English – Looking at a poem

3.  Raspberry Pi – Attached two LED’s and made them flash in different sequences using python

4.  Sign Language – Finger spelling quiz

5.  Guitar practice

6.  Chemistry – More apparatus drawing


1. 1 hour horse riding lesson and 1 hour trek

Well considering its supposed to be a relatively easy week I think we packed quite a bit in.

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