Week 21 – 19th January 2014


Maths – Triangles

Project – Continuing with his dolphin research project

History – Victorian Farm

English – Question mark exercise then finding 4 letter words and more out of the word question mark

Chemistry – PH- Testing items around the house with litmus paper, to see their PH, looking at PH meters then testing garden soil to make sure our Heather plants have the correct PH

Piano – Lesson

Guitar – Lesson

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

History – Victorian Farm

Geography – How fog is formed, this was a question raised since all the water logged fields have mist above them currently and the river Severn has dense fog above when we travel to Gloucester.

Craft – Started building his  timber kit – guitar man

English – Essay structure Idea, start, middle and end

DNA – The basics of DNA via a minecraft mod

Social – Scouts


 Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

History – Victorian Farm

Global – Child Marriages, Forced  arranged marriages, forced sterilisation programme Eugenics in America

Sport – 2 mile Run

Sport/ Social – Taekwando

Gardening – choosing healthy plants, plant the plants


 Maths – Naming different sections of quadrilaterals

Computer studies – Coding Khan Academy

Greek Mythology – Uranus – God of Heavens

Natural History – Wild Honey Bees

History – Victorian Farm

Sport/ Social – Athletics Club


Sport – 1.6 Mile run

Global/ Cultural – Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse – Looking at Education in China and the Gaokao Exam

Global/ History – China – The Terracotta Army

Global – Writing your name in Chinese – Wrote  all our names

History – Victorian Farm

Maths – Angles


KS3 ICT/Computer Science

29 April 2013

Back to some structure  looking at data and information and looking how a computer validates information.

Then onto to trying to design some of his own mine-craft Mods

13th March 2013

Together with his Dad, Roadrunner has turned his rasberry pi into a  music streaming  system, we are now going to buy a further pi to have this as a permanent device in the attic to play music  stored on the backup drive.  Both boys (that’s Dad and Roadrunner!)   have had a go at writing their own mod for minecraft with some basic programming they built some towers.

23rd Feb 2013

The Robotic arm is now complete.  To being with he’s used the basic program to control the arm, he’s now going to use the more sophisticated software to program the arm to carry out a sequence of moves.

4th February 2013

Quite a busy month.  Road runner has been playing with his raspberry pi and used it with my camera ( Nikon D60) to make a time lapse camera and set it to take photos of the snowman melting.  He then found software on line to turn the photos into a film.

He’s learnt how to back up his raspberry pi, and  had a go at python programming, by following the book  Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner .  He’s completed the first mini project.

DSC_0095 He’s started to build his robotic arm that he had as a birthday present.

3rd January 2013

Roadrunner has created his own minecraft Avatar skin.

minecraft 2

minecraft 1

30th December 12

Road runner had a Raspberry Pi  for Christmas, he’s completed the initial set up and attempted some basic programming.  With my DSLR he’s set up a time lapse program.

With Minecraft he’s learnt how to create back up folders, so when something happens to his program, for example he wanted 100 Ducks but 100 Dragons descended which can  destroy his world, so he is able to revert to an earlier version

10th December 12

We are using the CGP ICT KS3 book.  It does seem a little dry so I will have to find lost of online activities to supplement the book, we had a look at what Data is, Binary and feed back loops. For a few years he has used Scratch and we hope to  develop his  programming skills with this.  Both Roadrunner and his brother like Minecraft, he has now set up (with the help of his dad) his own server and is learning basic program commands to transport  characters, he has learnt the effects that some commands are not all positive , he has built  houses, and a  roller coaster, and a farm so far in his world.

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