Educational websites

These are just some websites that I have come across in my search for educational material.

They are not a personal recommendation and nor do I endorse any particular site.


He Information  and the Law

Distance Learning – Legit Providers                                                                           

KS 3  Topic List  

Study Ladder

Tutors and exam centre in Bristol

Oxford Home Schooling  – Tutors and curriculum in all major subjects                                                                                                      

Newspaper for 7-14

Little Arthur’s – Independent school with Home educating distance learning packs

Wolsey Hall – Distance Learning for Home educators

Free On line education courses

Free potatoes for schools and Home Educators

Welsh Government learning Hub

General School resources


Scribermonkey  – Science                                                                                                      

 Planet Science – Science                                                                                                        

 Click4Biology– Biology tutorials

 GCSE Biology

 Chem Active  – Chemistry                                                                               – Science

The Biology Corner

Chem Active  – Chemistry

Periodic Table – Chemistry





Khan Acadamy – Maths                                                                                                          

Conquer Maths                                                                                                                          

Jamboree home educators blog with some educational sections

BBC Bite Size – majority of curriculum topics covered

Religious Education                                                                                                                                           


IT – Learn to Code

Computer Science


Catherine Mooney -English Tutor 



  Geography/ Maps

   Geography Help

   Site which records Weather, Temp and Rainfall everyday for the UK

   IGSCE Geography


Planet Earth – Astronomy and Environment Courses

Various  G C S E subjects

Nutrition for kids  – Nutrition

British Red Cross – First Aid for children


Educational Quizzes


Non HE websites – places to buy


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