Useful Websites

I thought I would create a page to list all the resources that I have bought, as a guide to those who may be thinking about home education and what they need and as a reminder to myself where I bought supplies.  I’m sure I will end up buying too much and far too many text books in the first year than those that are required. Also included other sites that I commonly use for my bulk buy purchases.

Stationary…. after School term starts in September all the back to school stationary is reduced, many bargains to be had, stock up, most supermarkets.

Viking Direct – had some good deals on exercise books, RoadRunner decided he wanted to continue using exercise books for his work rather than folders so I now have 50, A4 blue exercise books awaiting his work.

Amazon  is always a good place to shop at and see what prices may be.

Invisible Hand I love this app, whenever you click on a product it tells you where the cheapest place to buy from is.

Book People – Heavily discounted books.

Galore Park  – Curriculum based text books, used in many independent schools.

I tend to bulk buy food staples, as an economic way to eat organic

Shipton Mill –  where we bulk buy our bread flour from

Big Green Smile – Where we buy alot of our toiletries and cleaning products from

Riverford Organic – Suppliers of our fruit/veg/ meat/ milk and eggs

Shoes for Kids – discounted clarkes shoes

Book Depository – discounted books

Awesome books – good place for second hand text books

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