GCSE and IGCSE Options

While only just over 1 year into our journey we are already looking into GCSE’s and IGCSE’s.  As Home Educators some counties provide support, by providing tutors and exam centres for subjects and some provide no help or assistance, we fall into the latter.

To reduce the cost we have decided to do 2 subjects in June 2016, 4 in June 2017 and 3 in June 2018.  Exams can be a minefield, and joining the Yahoo HE board, the Exam Wiki and the Facebook Exam group is highly recommended.  There are many exam boards all offering the same qualification Edexcel, AQA, OCR and WJEC are just a few. Previously most Home Educators took IGCSE’s rather than GCSE’s since GCSE’s were modular and required controlled assessment which were unavailable to many Home Educators, however since the English education committee have now decided that all exams must now be linear there will be more available.  Though some subjects where there is a coursework element Music and Art for example are still not available.  Each exam board will have different subject topics that will be studied, when looking at Psychology Edexcel, AQA and WJEC all had different topics to study, Edexcel and AQA  has set books where as WJEC did not.    In addition you also have to find an exam centre that takes private candidates, there are more centres that take Edexcel, AQA are only available in England and CIE have very few centres.  The cost of exams also vary dramatically some centres charge the cost of the Exam plus a small administration fee, and some centres charging the cost of exam plus up to £200 administration fee.

This page is an ongoing project as we work our way through the GCSE’s over the next 4 years.

Exams June 2016

The topics for our first exams are GCSE Psychology and IGCSE Biology, to make it easier rather than one long page each GCSE is subject to a separate page.

GCSE Psychology

IGCSE Biology

Exams June 2017

IGCSE Development Studies

GCSE Maths

IGCSE Environmental Studies

IGSCE Physics

Exams June 2018

IGCSE English Language

IGCSE Chemistry

IGCSE Business Studies

Update Sept 2016 … well things change, subjects not liked are dropped, new subjects picked up.

So the new plan is

June 2016 – GCSE Psychology – Passed Grade B

January 2017 – iGCSE Biology

June 2017 – iGCSE Maths

Jan 2018 – iGCSE Chemistry

June 2018 – GCSE History and iGCSE English Language paper B


update Jan 18 …. all change again child led education! He decided he wants a round 8 so lets start a new subject to take in May! he also decided in June 17 to take Physics in Jan 18.

June 2016 – GCSE Psychology – Passed Grade B

Jan 2017 – iGCSE Biology  – Passed Grade B

June 2017 – iGCSE Maths – Passed Grade B

Jan 2018 – iGCSE  Chemistry –

iGCSE   Physics –

June 2018 – GCSE History

– iGCSE English Language A

– iGCSE Business studies









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