GCSE Psychology

GCSE Psychology

After looking at the Exam Wiki , we are using the Edexcel board for this exam.  We chose this board, since all the topics of study were interesting and it comes with a set student book, there is a teaching plan available from pearson educational and past exam papers, the exams are mainly short answer questions with the longest one A4 page which suits RoadRunner.



Edexcel GCSE Psychology: Student Book by Christine Brain

Revision Exercises from Mr Sparks and his website

Teachers TV – Genetics

Stanford Prison Experiment

BBC Prison Experiment

The study of mimicry

The Bystander Effect

Unit 1 –  Topic A How do we see the world

Biology of the Eye

Sensory Information Processing

MOCC – Visual Perception

Eye Anatomy – 4D Puzzle [Toy] by Quay

Visual Cliff Experiment

Perception Lesson Plans

Gregory’s Theory

Optical Illusions

Mueller- Lyer Illusion

Ethics – Responsible Adults

Ethics – Hands off my brain

Gestalt Laws

Comparing Gregory and Gestalt 

Schema Theory

Bartlett 1932


Eye Witness

Research Methods

Unit 1 Topic B – Is Dreaming Meaningful

The Nervous System

Activation Synthesis 

Freud theory of psychosexual development

Sigmund Freud

Sleeping and dreaming

Little Hans

Little Hans case study

Sleep Disorders


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