Year 5 – 11th September 2017

Super powers 
The development of the cold war – the impact of the truman doctrine and marshall plan, formation of com inform and comecon
Soviet expansion, how soviet control was carried out 1945-47, impact on us soviet relations, examination practice.
Experiments – Diffusion in Air, diffusion in liquid, diffusion in liquid using chemicals. 
Atomic structure , relative formula masses and molar volume of gasses 
End of topic questions
 work  and power- work , gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy, power,  end of topic questions
energy resources and  electricity generation, renewable energy sources.
Task – list the disadvantages and advantages of different renewable and non- renewable resources in terms of pollution, cost time to replace renewables and response time – mini project
estimating the energy transferred to potential energy in climbing a flight of stairs
creating craters
 writing to inform – genre, purpose, audience,
Anthology – The last night from charlotte grey
 and  global warming
Computer science
 data transmission, long or short distance, simple and duplex, types of cable, serial or parallel, data bus, transmission errors p 39
work through the data folder of the online version – folder 2 – communication- s
python programming
Additional Maths
changing the subject of an algebraic expression and the solution of linear simultaneous equations
One hour lesson
10k run
Kung Fu

Year 5!!!! Our last year – 4th September 2017

Roadrunner has decided he would prefer me just to give him all that he needs to complete and he decides when he does it.

Super powers  – Timeline – The origins of the cold war – early tensions between east & west
 13 differences between the super powers 
How to carry out a better experiment- fair tests- controls- safety- general revision tips.
The scientific method
 Presentation of data
States of matter
experiment – speed at which ice melts to water and then boils & what happens when steam cools down – to show how molecules of water vapour take up more space than the molecules of an ice cube. 
Units if energy, energy, different kinds of energy, potential and kinetic energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, conservation of energy, snaky diagrams, thermal transfer, conduction, convection and radiation- 
Experiments – Estimating the energy transferred to potential energy in climbing a flight of stairs
 Experiment to show the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy- potential energy applied  to roller coasters kinetic and  potential energy
How to answer a question about poetry in the exam  and assignment 5
Computer science
 Data storage, number values, digital graphics, digital sound and video, compression
Horse riding
Kung Fu

Year 4 – 21st August 2017

Two weeks  work- school holidays

iGCSE English –  How to read and write poetry – Why is a poem a poem, rhythm and metre.
iGCSE English–  Poems subject and themes, analysing poem – unknown girl by Monica Aliv
iGCSE Physics – light and sound – polarised light, concave and convex mirrors, investigate skills, refraction of light, total internal reflection and the critical angle
Optical fibres , sound waves, ear damage, end of topic questions, exam style questions
phone apps, oscilloscope and sound wave- make noises , whistle etc…
1. Introduce the concept of a transverse wave by drawing attention to a wave pulse as a displacement at right angles to the direction of travel along a rope
2. Ripples
3. See that light travels in a straight line
4. Making a ray box
5. Using Prisms
6.  observing the diffraction of  light with sun light
7. mirror writing
8. measuring speed of sound with a stop watch
9.see sound
10.   Use different instruments to demonstrate loundness, quality and pitch of sound produced ( variety of small instruments up attic in tree draws on left)
GCSE History
Writing better history
Preparing for exams
Past paper 1
iGCSE computer science
Binary systems  – binary data, bits and bytes, binary and deanery, counting in binary, convert binary to deanery, convert deanery to binary, hexadecimal, hexadecimal and deanary, hexadecimal and binary, how heidecmal is used.
Sport – Kung Fu – Grading, Run x 3, stand up paddle boarding
Holiday – North Devon 3 Nights

Year 4 – 14th August 2017

School holiday slighter week
iGCSE english –  Dialogues and assignment 4
iGCSE Physics –  Developing investigative skills, superposition and hearing, end of topic questions
iGCSE physics–   the electromagnetic spectrum
GCSE History
 How did the police make it more difficult  to investigate the ripper case, did the city and met police work well together, conclusions. visible learning and revise & cementing your knowledge.
 Asking questions – whitechapel workhouse , recap
Additional Maths- Quadratic formula  –
Run x 3, swimming , laser quest, Kung Fu

Year 4 – 7th August 2017

School holidays lighter week
iGCSE English – Anthology pieces
iGCSE physics – exam style questions
iGCSE Physics- waves – longitudinal an transverses waves, waves energy transfer, amplitude, frequency , wavelength and period, relationship between speed , frequency and wavelength, refraction, refection and diffraction
GCSE History
Difficulties of policing whitehall – gangs, prostitution, immigration.  How the police tried to catch the ripper
Police organisation within whitehall –  and investigative policing in Whitechapel
Sport – Kung Fu, Home Ed teen bowling, running x 3 – 5 mile Waterfall walk

31st July 2017 – Year 4

School holidays – lighter workload
Camping 2 nights – walks, camp fire and Kayaking
iGCSE English Language –   How writers of non -fiction create meaning and how to answer a question about non – fiction.
OCR Additional Maths – simultaneous equations
GCSE History -Tensions in Whitechapel  – evaluating usefulness coat method
What was whitechapel like – the working of the met police, the organisation of policing in whitechapel.
Sport – Kung Fu, horse riding lesson, run 1 x 2 miles , 1 x 4.5 miles, 5 mile waterfall walk hike
History – World War II – film – Dunkirk

24th July 2017 – Year 4

School holidays – lighter weeks

iGCSE English Language –   assignment 3 – interpret A Hero by R K Narayan
OCR Additional Maths –  simultaneous equations – solving a quadratic equation that factorises  – and Questions
computing -Python programming
GCSE History 
The local content of Whitechapel
 What Whitechapel  was like – the Peabody estate, victorians and the fear of crime in the east end
iGCSE Physics
 Energy and potential difference in circuits and questions
 Electric charge
research into dangers of electrostatic charges – e.g. when refilling air craft and tankers
Curvy water experiment
salt and pepper experiment
Kung Fu
12 mile bike ride
2 mile run x 2
4 mile run

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