24th July 2017 – Year 4

School holidays – lighter weeks

iGCSE English Language –   assignment 3 – interpret A Hero by R K Narayan
OCR Additional Maths –  simultaneous equations – solving a quadratic equation that factorises  – and Questions
computing -Python programming
GCSE History 
The local content of Whitechapel
 What Whitechapel  was like – the Peabody estate, victorians and the fear of crime in the east end
iGCSE Physics
 Energy and potential difference in circuits and questions
 Electric charge
research into dangers of electrostatic charges – e.g. when refilling air craft and tankers
Curvy water experiment
salt and pepper experiment
Kung Fu
12 mile bike ride
2 mile run x 2
4 mile run

17th July 2017 -Year 4


iGCSE Physics – watch – magnetism electrical quantities  electrical quantities 2 , electrical quantities 3

sport : 2 mile run

iGCSE English – p 37 – 51

iGCSE ICT –  Recognition systems

AS level maths – Conquer maths – Quadratic formula 2 

A level Sociology –  Education  – key questions about education, explain class differences, cultural deprivation, language, speech codes, parents education


GCSE History –  policing the nation and historic environment – Whitechapel

English – Assignment 2

Sport : Kung Fu


Physics –  Van De Graaf – How to make one  how does it work 

Play with the electronic circuit kit

iGCSE Computer science –  truth tables  and solving problems

Volunteer – Beavers – young leader


GCSE History – visible learning learning  –  your enquiry and  the local context of white chapel

History :- TV Tudor sweet making


iGCSE English – SPAG – IT’s and its – & speech marks

iGCSE Physics  –  electric circuit kit

iGCSE Computer science – repeat inputs  and inside the cpu

Sport – 5k run

10th July- Year 4


iGCSE Physics – End of topic questions  and  a short research project into comets

iGCSE ICT – manufacturing applications  to expert applications

Additional Maths –  – quadratic equations- l

Conquer maths – Quadratic formula 1

Sport – 2 mile run


GCSE History – – recall quiz  & writing historically.

iGCSE English –  poem – out, out

iGCSE Physics – Gravity and air resistance on the moon

A level Sociology –Inequality , Social class, gender, ethnicity, age, how sociologists study society.

Sport Kung Fu


iGCSE Physics –  exam style questions

iGCSE Computer science –logic circuits and truth tables and circuits

GCSE Citizenship –   the uk economy

Concert – Cold Play


GCSE History  – preparing for your exams

iGCSE  expert systems


iGCSE English –  Course Book

iGCSE Physics – p 88- p100 – Course book


GCSE History –  – whitechapel –  using sources

Programming – Python


History – Visit to Tyntesfield 

Year 4 , 3rd July 2017



iCSE English –   Anthology  –  Touching void

iGCSE ICT – ICT applications – Communication applications , data handling applications, measurement applications

Additional maths –  changing the subject of an equation

Conquer maths – unfactored equations 2

Sport – 2 mile run

A level sociology- socialisation , status and role, individual and society, consensus or conflict, diversity and identity.


iGCSE Physics –Theory

Watch – Forces 2 – , forces 3


History – pearson p 113 – 119 developments in policing

GCSE History –  How has the nature of criminal activity changed through history

iGCSE English – SPAG -Apostrophes and missing letters and possessive apostrophes

Sport – Kung Fu

Sport – 2 mile run


iGCSE Physics – forces

Sport – Horse riding

iGCSE Computer science – p 68 – 71 , the OE and XOR gates and the NAND and NOR  gates, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IodGjURPsY  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaZrrDAkB5s

PSHE  – Relationships – relating to others and parenting

Sport – 2 mile run


GCSE History –Changes in policing and abolishment of death penalty

iGCSE ICT – microprocessors in control applications , modelling applications

iGCSE Physics –– Energy resources

Work and power



iGCSE English –  poem -Disabled

iGCSE -Physics – Energy

iGCSE Computer science – logical processing and simplifying statements

Watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRy97FXrkm0&list=PL04uZ7242_M7vEYGOr_QDVJJNAfip_iEh&index=2

GCSE Citizenship –global warming and sustainability

Sport – 2 mile run


GCSE History –  case study conscientious objectors in the first and second world wars and Derek Bentely

Programming – Introducing IDLE


Day off


Year 4 , 26th June 2017



Recovery day


GCSE History –  writing historically

GCSE History – What have been the biggest changes to policing since 1900’s?

iGCSE English –  Catherine money course – chapter 2 – p 20 -26

Physics- Watch – length and time, – speed and velocity  – mass and weight.


iGCSE Physics- read P 27 – 36 – to end of questions

iGCSE Physics – Watch – density

iGCSE Computer science   –  logic gates, the NOT  gate,  the AND gate – video’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvI-AMAtrvE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyxHCX26xTM&list=PL04uZ7242_M7vEYGOr_QDVJJNAfip_iEh&index=1

OCR -Additional maths – solving linear equations

AS Maths – Conquer maths – Factored Equations


GCSE History pearson – Crime punishment and law in current times

GCSE History –  why is Derek Bentely remembered today? And the abolishment of the death penalty

iGCSE -ICT – The effects of using ICT

A level – Sociology – What is sociology  – nature v nurture, culture, norms and values- do activities

PSHE – Bereavement


iGCSE English –  Catherine Mooney course

iGCSE Physics –  Forces 1

iGCSE Physics Experiment – Developing science skills


GCSE History –  Communicating your answer

GCSE History –  Law enforcement 1900- present

Programming – Python book  p 1-5 including installing python.


iGCSE Physics – Using a spring balance

Investigation of the momentum of bodies before and after collisions , determination of the position of the centre of gravity of an irregularly-shaped lamina using a plumb line

Friction Experiment–  Newtons first law of inertia

Demonstration that a feather and ball bearing fall at the same rate in a vacuum

Spanish – Dulingo

Year 4 – 19th June 2017


Clothes shopping day


GCSE History –   case study the separate systems at Pentoville prison

GCSE History – communicating your answer

iGCSE English – Catherine Moony course – chapter 1  up to p 10.

GCSE Additional Maths –  Algebra review

Conquer maths –  A/S maths – Factored equations

PSHE –  Facing challenges

Sport – Kung Fu


iGCSE Physics – Acceleration and Mass

iGCSE Computer science –  The internet , what is the www and html

iGCSE English – Catherine Moony course – chapter 1 p 11 – 18


GCSE History –Case study the reforms of Robert Peel

GCSE History – criminal moments in time – how far did crime really change during the twentieth century – drug smuggling , conscientious objectors

iGCSE ICT –   viruses, , data protection acts, network communication, video conferencing, web conferencing.

iGCSE Physics – Acceleration and Mass questions


iGCSE English   – Assignment 1

iGCSE Physics – ticker tape experiments, –basic information ,  constant velocity, , –introduction to using results, measuring acceleration

iGCSE Physics – questions on videos

iGCSE Computer science –  http, tcp/ip, safety online, malware and hacking protective software


Fitness – Hike from Chepstow to Tintern with overnight camp


Fitness – Hike from  Tintern to Monmouth with overnight camp


Year 4, 12th June


Chemistry Revision


Chemistry Revision

sport – Kung Fu


Chemistry Exam


Fitness – 6.5 mile walk


Chepstow Museum


Bounce 5k – 5k fun run with obstacles


Day off


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