Year 2 – Week 27 – 2nd March 2015


Chemistry – Real life uses – Glass, plastic, paint and iron

History/ Economics/Politics – Poland, how the holocaust shaped the country, how current day economics is affecting migration, how its history is forming modern day politics

Animal Welfare – Farm animals – Dairy cow welfare

Maths – Algebra – worded questions

Religion – Sikhism

Revision – Revision technique skills

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

Spanish – Session 2 – Core Lesson


Social/ History – 10,000 BC

Cookery – Vegetable Stew

Cat behaviour and welfare – Assignment

Music – Guitar Lesson

Spanish – Core lesson 2

Ecology – Extreme environments – The desert

Social – Scouts – Night Hike

Economics – Tesco and how it deals with suppliers, Aldi and Ocado models, how people’s shopping habits from the big one shop – loyal  store shopper , to a few trips per week at different stores are effecting superstores and their future.


Cat behaviour and welfare – Assignment

Ecology – Rock pool survivors, – looking at the 4 divisions of the sea shore

Maths – Plotting Points

Animal Behaviour and Welfare –  Pig Welfare – we also researched the farm where we get our pork from to see their practices, and Roadrunner was happy to find they birth outside in family groups, and don’t practice tail docking, teeth clipping or nose rings

English – Romeo and Juliet – comparing it to the poem it was based on Arthur Brooke The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet.  Looking at the main characters.

Gardening – Spring maintenance and planting bedding


History – Suffragettes – Queen Victoria and women rights, the Chartist movement

Animal Behaviour and Welfare – Poultry – egg laying and meat production

Spanish – Pronunciation practice


Maths – Algebra – Straight Line Graphs using tables

Animal Behaviour and Welfare – Animal Transport and end of unit test

English – Poetry – looking at 5 different modern poets and why they wrote their poems

Career/Technology – Supervet

Ecology – Life in cold climates and unit test

Sport/ Social – Swimming





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