Year 2 – Week 13 – 24th November 2014


Animal – Life Story – Finding a Mate

English – The Comma Story

ECDL – IT security and Hardware

Technology – Fixing up the motor to a breadboard and the Pi


Maths – Rates – Problems 1

Christianity and Moral Issues- Looking at destroying the planet and saving the plant – rights and responsibilities of individuals

Psychology – How others affect us

Global Issues – Immigration – Looking at Calais and the Jungle and the  individuals that guarantee a crossing to the UK for the right price

Music – Guitar Lesson

Social – Scouts


History –  TV – Building a medieval Castle

Maths – Rates – Problems 2

Cat Behaviour & Welfare – looking at the Animal Welfare Act (2006), what legal responsibilities pet owners have.  Looking at the daily and weekly checklist for health checks on  a cat. (Alfie was not a willing volunteer)

Cookery – Chocolate brownie

Biology – Keeping healthy at personal, local and world levels, the two different types of white blood cells, antibiotics, antibacterial and disinfectant

English – Hard and Soft C’s


Maths – Rates – Topic Test

Cat behaviour and Welfare – common diseases, how to prevent them and research questions, answering in bullet points

Citizenship – Poverty – looking at children growing up in Poverty in the UK.

Sport – 2 mile run


Cat behaviour and Welfare – Cat Parasites: Types, Transmission & Life cycles, Zoonoses, how to give a cat a tablet.

Maths – Revision – Division facts, Prime numbers and Factors

Animal – Life Story – Animal Infants

Cookery – Slow cooked Mince

Biology – Autopsy the Mammoth – discussing cloning and ethics

Chemistry – Lithium, Beryllium and Boron


Cat behaviour and Welfare – Start of assignment one

Sport – Ice Skating


Religion – Buddhism- Who was Buddha

English – Creative Writing – Brainstorming ideas

Cookery – Cottage Pie and Veg






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