The Cats

There are two other very important members of our family and these are our two cats Toffee and Fudge, so named since we got them after we had been on holiday and we brought back some Toffee and Fudge as gifts.


They are now 17 years old so that’s about 84 in human years.  We got them from the Cats Protection when they were 6 months old.  Toffee had been born to a feral mother and Fudge had been handed over by social services though I don’t think she had been mistreated since she was very friendly.  I don’t think they enjoyed the first few weeks with us both of them were neutered/spayed, vaccinations plus they had eye infections and ear mites that needed treating, so it was lots of trips to the vets and medication.

Fudge  (Tortie and white) the female has always been boss, she gets to eat first even when they have separate bowls, when she was younger she liked bringing back presents, this consisted of single socks, flowers and even a cooked chicken breast (hide from the neighbours time). As with most cats we have also had birds and mice as well, though she tends to eat the mice apart from their tails and kidneys.   As she’s got older she’s had a few health scares, she’s had two lumps removed in the last few years, plus her mobility is now poor she can’t jump easily any-more  so now takes glucoseamine supplements which have helped  and chairs are placed near windowsills to help her climb.

Toffee (Ginger Tabby) being a neutered male has always been at the bottom of the pecking order, though occasionally he does attack his sister by using his larger size to attack her.  Toffee has always been a very vocal and demanding cat, he likes to sit on laps and chat, and head-butt if he’s not getting attention. He can also hear a tin of tuna being opened even when he’s in a deep sleep 3 floors up.  As he’s got older he’s lost most of his teeth, so is now left with 1 canine tooth.  He only goes out if someone goes out with him so that’s not often in the winter but enjoys sitting the sun in the garden if someone is with him.  Inside he normally moves around the house throughout the day depending upon which room has the sun coming in.


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