Year 2 Week 28 – 9th March 2015


Maths – Algebra, Algebra and  more Algebra

Physics –  Surface tension experiment

Cat Behaviour and Welfare – Assignment

Animal Behaviour and Welfare – Zoo animals, – Behaviour based husbandry and 3 common mistakes we make when thinking about captive wild animals

Business Studies – Developing a computer game, Marketing online, running an online business

RE and Ethics – Animal Welfare

Ecology – Ocean Ecosystems, Investigating small organisms, Locating phytoplankton

Sport/ Social – Chepstow Harriers


Social/ History – 10,000 BC

Maths – Algebra – Bracket work, double negatives

Spanish – Pronunciation

Music- Guitar lesson

GCSE – Psychology – Devising a study plan, How the eye works introduction and building a model eye

Animal Welfare/Psychology – Moral behaviour in animals, Using evidence to improve animal welfare

Social – Scouts


Maths – Algebra – working out the midpoint of a line

English – Creative writing, looking at different type of stories

Spanish –  Unit 1 Lesson 2 – Grammar

History – History of Celtic Britain – stone age to bronze age to iron age

Animal Behaviour and Welfare – Zoo welfare, conservation and ethics, Animal Use and Conservation, What drives animal behaviour.  End of Unit Test

GCSE Psychology – How we see, function of the eye cones and rods.

IGCSE Development Studies – Introduction , whats its all about the relationship between the political process, the economic process, the social process, the environmental process and sustainable development, looking at the Green Belt Movement and The Millennium Development goals.


Sport/ Social – Climbing


The Big Bang Science Fair – Birmingham

Theatre Show – Ashton University – An Unwanted guest for dinner – interactive microbiology session, learning about basic bacteriology, including observing bacteria found in the mouth ( great one to get kids to clean their teeth)  Looking at food borne infection and how to prevent it.

Theatre Show BAE- Systems – showing a musical instrument you can play without touching, how lasers work, looking at magnets and dynamo’s

Theatre Show – #error404  with Fran Scott looking at computers input and output, what’s inside a large computer and how it is represented on the Raspberry Pi

The Psychology of foods stand – looking at how look, texture of surroundings and sound  can effect how a food tastesevan glasses

Virtual reality –  walking through the stand


The Big Bang Science Fair – Birmingham

Theatre Show – Zap, crackle & Pop with Dr Marty JopsonMarty Jopson

A sparky Journey through the story of electricity.  From the Ancient Greeks, through to Faraday’s genius.

Lots of fun  and experiments with a Van De Graaff generator

Theatre Show – The Human Guinea Pig Show – Tom of ClassRoom Medics – Looking at different medical carers, a cardiologist looking at how the heart works and seeing an ultrasound of the heart and carotid artery. Looking at lungs, measurements that can be taken to look at health, looking inside the lungs and a biopsy of lung tissue

Theatre show  – Punk Science from the science museum, energy’s journey how it’s created and never destroyed

Lots and Lots of different stalls, including:-GyroEv

Puzzle solving


Marine Biology

The Ears


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