Year 2 week 5 – 29th September


Biology – Pregnancy and birth

History – Diary of Anne Frank

Physics circuits, circuit symbols and making a flying fan circuit

Cookery – Making a pancake


History – Diary of Anne Frank

Animal – Big cats and Ants

Sport – Hill training

Music – Guitar Practice

Cookery – Making pancakes


Animal – Secret life of pets

Maths – solving a simple problem first

Science – Basic Experiments – freezing different substances, writing a hypothesis

English – Suffixes

Photography – Foregrounds and backgrounds

History – Victorian crime and punishment


Science – Water and Density – why water ice floats and all other ice cubes sink

English – Suffixes

ECDL – Network Security

Animal Physiology – Eye Sight seeing parts of the light spectrum that we cannot see

Animal anatomy – The Fox

Sport – Athletics


Animal Anatomy – the Elephant

History – Victorian crime and punishment

Chemistry – Separation techniques Filtration, distillation  and chromatography.

Film – Preparation, Pitching an idea, Production methods




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