Week 16 – 15th December 2013


Maths – Polygons, names of shapes up to 10 sides, regular and irregular shapes

English – Poetry – answering questions on the Merman poem and learning to read between the lines

Chemistry – Acids and Alkalis, what is an acid and alkali, looking at examples, experimenting with vinegar, water and rain water – Looking at  the PH scale

Natural History- Leopards


Great Inventors –  Who they were and what they Invented – Nobel, Archimedes, Gutenberg and Franklin


DSC_0147Design and Technology – Dyson Box – Areas covered –  Problem Solving, Testing, Mass Production. Why it is built in Malaysia but designed and shipped from the UK. Choosing the right materials.

DSC_0148Disassembly – The Turbine Head – took apart the turbine head, looked and discussed, how engineers solved problems of where to store the machine’s tools, Why the hose is made of that particular material, what the brush bar is for and why it has red brushes on the bar.  Then reassembled the Head following the instructions.

Natural History – The story of Luna the killer Whale

Astronauts – How they wash hands in space

Disassembly – The Main part of the DC22, Why the wand is telescopic, Why the pre-motor filter is pleated and why it is required.  Looking at the post- motor filter, why it is different from the pre filter, why the exhaust vent is designed that way and why engineers use quarter turn fasteners in some parts and screws in other.  Reassembling hoover following instructions.

Maths – Geometry – open book test of knowledge


Maths – Conquer Maths – Comprehensive test – Shapes and planes

Patents – what they are, the law and why they are used.  Shareholders of companies, who they are.

History – Tudor Farm

Sport – athletics


Maths – Shapes, planes and vertices

Natural History – Evolution

History – Farm at war


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