Year 2 week 24 – 9th February 2015


Animal’s in Love – Documentary about how different species attract mates

Animal Welfare with Edinburgh University (Coursera) – What is animal welfare and why does it matter (introduction), how a scientific approach has helped the welfare of animals, what is animal welfare, animal welfare and cultural differences, the five freedoms

Maths – Algebra – Multiplication

Cat Welfare and Behaviour – Biology, the circulatory system, what is blood pressure, the lymphatic system, how to take blood pressure in a cat

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

Electronics – Finishing off his electronic dice set


History – The Magna Carta

Money Management – Mortgages , different types of interest rates, Interest only and Repayment mortgages, different costs involved with buying a house, difference between leasehold and freehold, fees involved with selling a house.

Forensic Science – Evaluation Skills

Maths – Algebra – Division

Maths – Topic Test – Algebra

English – Comprehension exercise

Music – Guitar Lesson


English – Working through yesterday’s comprehension exercise

History/ Sociology – 10,000 BC, lack of food, how malnutrition effects how people think and behave, and what not to do when setting up a social experiment

Animal Behaviour – The why’s of animal behaviour, history of how we have viewed animals – religious view, social view and philosophical views.  End of week test

Forensic science – Recap of 6 weeks, how to write down evidence based on facts found each week, hearing the evidence from the prosecution and defence and making a vote on guilty or not guilty

Religion – What is Christianity

Biology – Animal Classification


Sport – Home Ed climbing


Politics – Life in the commons, how to get a private members bill heard, the opening of parliament.

Money management – Mortgages, negative equity and buy to let, calculating net asset ratio and gearing and test

World News – Our Little Earth

Maths – Number Plane – Identifying Plotted Points

Scouts – Founders Day Church Parade

Maths – Recap of Algebra Rules

Physics – Temperature- Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin, different types of thermometer.

Forensic Science – The results of who did it


Sport – Park Run


Practical – Changing a tap washer

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