Week 31 – 23rd March 2014


Sport – White water rafting


Physics  – Forces Revision Activity and Test – 80%

Maths – Decimals – Multiplication

English – Read a poem and answer questions

History – Wartime Farm – Making clay tiles, evacuees, making space for evacuees

Economics – What effects the price of food – imports, weather, supply and demand, food sovereignty, feed for animals, fuel costs  Looking at food prices for  rice, beef and chocolate.

Moons – How the Moon’s phases look from the earth, the crescent moon seen from the equator, what makes a moon, the Moon’s origin, forming other Moons, Triton a Moon with a difference,  Pluto’s eccentric Orbit,  Pluto and Charon,  bombardment history,  what is a tide, spring and jeep tides and tidal heating.

Sport – Fencing


Geography –  Tourist impact in Tasavo National Park and completed an exercise

IT – Data capture forms

Gardening – Pond cleaning and more work on bug hotel

Nature – Wild Burma – South Burma trying to protect an area diverse in wildlife to stop the poaching of animals to be used in Chinese medicines.

IT – Bang goes the theory – How data is used, reports from plane engines in flight,  medical uses, and how data is captured and sold legally like the NHS, and illegal for monetary gains/ fraud.  How fraudsters track information down on the internet to build profile of a person

Maths – Decimals- rounding up and down to 1, 2 and 3 dp

Gaming – Looking how free trials get you hooked on online gaming but then to continue the game you have to purchase monthly subscriptions.

Social – Scouts


Chemistry – Revision Acids Bases and Metals – Test 79%

History – Wartime Farm – Government requirements of farms

Culture – Looked and discussed the annual report from Plan International regarding the child we sponsor

Maths – Decimals

Economics – Continuing with what effects the price of food, Corn – the use of  corn in biofuel pushing price up, with the price of corn increased increased costs to farmers for feed, increased cost of meat.  Eggs – Use of battery farms – the regulation in 2012 that made farmers invest in larger cages plus cost of food has pushed the price up and coffee – looking at Ethiopia and our love of proper coffee from the aribica bean, which is harvested by hand, the bush is very difficult to grow susceptible to weather and disease and  within 30 years due to climate change its possible there will be no coffee plantations left in Ethiopia.  The affluent Asians – increase of middle classes in Asia seen an increase in protein consumed in particular pork.  UK has higher welfare standards than most of the world however UK producers won’t pay this so most is sent to Asia where it reaches a higher price leaving the UK with low  quality factory farmed pork in supermarkets.

Sign Language – Unit 3 Test – 95%

Sport – Taekwando


Maths -9 times table looking at the pattern to make learning easier than rote learning.

Sport – Climbing


Animal Care – Animal session day at Cheltenham and Gloucester Animal Shelter. Small Animals – Rabbits, care and making/ painting new hutches, cat care and cuddling, dog care and dog walking.


Sport – Swimming lesson




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