Year 2 week 21 – 19th January 2015


Maths/ ICT – Compound Interest & using excel with compound interest

Geography/ Culture – Walking the Nile and discussing the use of nose rings for controlling animals

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

Biology – Variation

Cat Welfare – dealing with Shock what it is , recognising signs and treatment.

Gardening – Winter tidying and planting herbs and salad leaves for indoor growing.


Music – Guitar

Biology – Variation and questions

English – Z for Zachariah

Physics – Magnetism

Social – Scouts

History – Trade Unions and War in Devon

Forensic Science – Forensic Biology

Money Management – Budgeting


English – Creative Writing – writing about an interesting character you know

English – Spelling – Common spelling mistakes

Cat Welfare – Assignment


Maths – Comission

Maths – End of topic test

Animal Behaviour – The wild side of domestic animals

Physics – Combustion Engine

Forensic science – the structure of DNA

Money Management – Planning a budget

History – The use of private homes as hospitals


Cat Welfare – Module 1 assignment

History РTV РA documentary from an Auschwitz survivor

ECDL – Data Protection

Forensic Science – Final Clue and DNA profiling , week test

Sheep –¬†Research behaviour and care


Sport – Ice – Skating









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