Year 2 week 44 – 29th June 2015


English – Comprehension Exercise

English –  Poem and  write a response to views in poem

Religion – Christianity and Abortion – what are your views

Social/ sport – Home Ed group  craft activity and Self defence

Social/ sport – Chepstow Harriers


Maths – Area of a cylinder

Music – Guitar lesson

IGCSE Biology – Chemical Coordination -Glands and hormones, nervous and endocrine control, Adrenaline, blood glucose

English – Creative writing skills, writing a narrative and revision how to write a better essay  

Culture – African tribe – Male rite of passage to adulthood, female becoming engaged  before you are 10.


Maths – Unit test

GCSE Psychology – Neurones

Cat welfare – compare and contrast exercise domestic- wild cat

IGCSE Development Studies – Poverty and Income

Spanish – Review of section

English – Reading


Sport – NICAS Climbing

Maths – statistics – Range and Mode

IGCSE Environmental management – Mining

Spanish – Grammar

History – Andrew Marr – History of  modern Britain


Police Cadet application form

Culture – Life in a tribe – what happens when you are ill, lack of funds.  Education who gets educated

Maths – Median

GCSE Psychology – Fraud interpretation of dreams


Year 2 Week 33 – 13th April 2015


IGCSE Environmental Studies – Mining , open cast mines, what countries are mineral rich, looking what minerals are in Wales.

Animals- Super Vet

Maths – Algebra looking at some of dragon box questions and translating them to paper algebra.

Cat welfare – Fur – Guard Hair, secondary hair, sebaceous glands, arrector pili muscles,  papillae, apocrine sweat gland  and  Keratin

Spanish – Unit 1 lesson 6

Sport – Chepstow Harriers


Music – Guitar Lesson

GCSE Psychology – Gestalt’s theory of perception

History – Life in the 1980’s food and lifestyle

Politics – The main leaders, The UK election explained and election scenarios

Religion –  Where do I belong – social and personal identity.  What is Faith – different meanings of belief in, what faith means for religious people, how religious faith could be put into action.

Environment – research  – practical ideas that teenagers can implement to help protect the environment.

Social – Scouts


IGCSE – Biology – Variety of Living Organisms

Spanish – Unit 1 – Lesson 3

English – Poetry – The Romantic Era – Reading between the lines of Wordsworth – Guide to the Lakes, Lord Byron and John Keats.

Maths – Measurement-   Converting Units & speed maths

History – Life in the 1990’s food and lifestyle.

Cat Welfare – Fur and insulation


Sport – Climbing

English – Extending Vocabulary exercise


IGCSE – Biology – Food and Nutrition – The Building blocks, Activity 

GCSE – Psychology – Comparing Gestalt and Gregory

IGCSE – Development studies – The Poverty Cycle, Millennium Eduction targets, Fresh water shortages

Animal – Super Vet

Maths – Measurements converting units and converting metric and imperial units

Sport/ Social – Friday night fun swim


Sport – 5k Run

Fitness- 9 mile walk


Strategy – Game of Chess

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