Week 27 – 2nd March 2014


Music – Guitar Lesson

Oceanography – More about how the sea gets to be so salty and why the salt concentration does not keep increasing


Maths – Fractions, simplifying before multiplication

English –  Reading a passage about the Elephant Child and answering questions

Biology – Male and Female reproductive systems, labelling and matching descriptions to parts.

Animal Behaviour – Inside the animal mind

Oceanography – Iron concentration and movement

Cookery – Pancakes

Sign Language – Greetings, Lip reading and body language

Culture – New Lives in the wild – Panama

Social – Scouts


DSC_0087Physics – Power transmission, using apparatus transmitting a force through a long tube and making the air thinner by creating a vacuum.  Looking at the densities of water and air and Newton.

Maths – Cancelling down fractions and multiplication

Oceanography – Planning a cruise – reasons to set sail, planning the exhibition  and back at base

Culture – New Lives in the wild – the Himalayas

History – Edwardian Farm

Sport – Taekwando


Maths – 7,8,9 times table practice

Sport – Climbing

History – People – Florence Nightingale – Nursing and Alexander Bell- Telephone


Sport – Timed 1.2 mile run

History – People – Harriet Tubman – Slavery, Brunel – Railway, Mary Anning- Fossil Hunter

Biology – Dissection the human foot video, trying to write his name with his foot

English – reading a letter from an RSPCA inspector about elephants in zoo’s and answering questions

Gardening – Potting on

Geography – National Parks in the UK, why we have them, what conflicts can occur and solutions to those conflicts


DSC_0099Sport – 7 Mile walk Oystermouth to Caswell bay and back

Week 25 – 16 February


1.9km Timed Run

5.35 Mile Walk around the wetlands


Maths- Fractions

Oceanography – How many creatures live in the ocean.  Looking at the collectors curve.

History – Victorian Farm

Vets- Another Trip to the vets

English – Writing to Inform

Biology – Becoming an Adult, looking at the time line of changes to the body from childhood to end of puberty.

Sport – Fencing


Culture – Video New lives in the wild, looking at an American who moved  from Florida to the remote jungle of the Philippines

Maths- Addition of Fractions

ICT – Revision of Unit 1 – Answered 22 questions verbally.

Gardening – Planting Chilli Plants looking for the best option of where to let the seedlings grow, due to temperature required, discussed use of  heated propagator.

Money Matters – looking at cat insurance, and looking beyond the price, what polices cover you for, reading there terms and conditions/ policy exclusions.

Biology – Converting a table  of information into a bar graph

Sport – Athletics


Science / Technology – A visit to Techniquest to meet up with my sister and two nephews.


Oceanography – How new species are documented and how life adapts to living in the deep ocean.

Culture – Life in the wild – looking at how one individual left the rat race to live alone in a swamp.

History – Ancient Greek , read about the  palace at Knossos which we will be visiting on our holiday

Biology – Dissection video – the Human hand

English –  Assignment 6 – writing 4 pieces of “writing to inform”.

Maths – Fractions – subtraction with different denominators

Sport – Athletics


Maths – Fractions of Whole numbers

Current Affairs / Geology – News article  from Guardian

Oceanography- Blue planet Game, Photos of creatures of the deep and test

History – Victorian Farm

English – Re-writing assignment 6, neater, with correct spellings and punctuation.

Community – Founders Day service at church for all Guides and Scouts


Sport – 2 Hour NICAS Climbing Session

Sport – Swimming lesson

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