Week 42 – 8th June 2014


Maths – Fractions of whole numbers

History – Intro to world war II

History – Saving Private Ryan

History – D Day articles in the news

Music – Guitar lesson


Brother off school  – school closed due to staff funeral

Maths – 8 and 9 times tables

Social – Scouts – Bushcraft skills – purifying water


Animal – Supervet

English – Write an essay from a soilder’s view point of landing on the beaches on

D -day

Biology – Twins, IVF, ethics of having babies by IVF after menopause, why people want babies, why people might be having them later.

Sport – Ice Skating lesson


Maths – Fractions – Multiplication

Animal Psychology –  Common Canine Psychiatric Challenges, soiling, uriniation and barking

Sport/ Social – Home Ed Sports club meet, Karate and self-defence.

Computing – Professional Standards

Food – Cross Contamination, Food Hygiene, and Illegal Gangmasters – slavery on british farms


World Issues – Our Little Earth

Maths – Fast Maths 

Economics – buying the best value in supermarkets .. bigger is not always cheaper

Food – Salmonella its  not always meat and eggs that carry it .. why its important to wash herbs and spices.  What diseases cockroaches spread. How the chicken industry is trying to stop diseases spreading.

Maths – Japanese way of calculating 

Astronomy – Revision of All KS3 aspects and test


Sport/ charity – Color run wales – 5k Charity Run in which we got drenched in colour paint!DSC_0664






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