Week 20 – 12th Jan


Swimming – fun swim plus board rider session – learnt to kneel on a body board and  stood on a surf board learnt balance skills

Swansea Maritime Museum – Moved a scaletric track with leg power using a bike. Looked at different models of old boats.  Looked at an old medical kit and the first census and description of jobs.


Maths – parts of a circle

Craft – Painting old dining room chairs

Biology – Video on different blood groups and why you cannot transfuse some blood types to everybody.

Chemistry – making indicator from food – red cabbage

History – The dangers of the  inventions in the Edwardian era, Electricity, creams and potions and asbestos


Maths – Parts of a circle

Maths – Spheres, Cones and Cylinders

History – Ancient Britain – Middle Ages – Stone Circles, Stone Monuments, Mining for Flint and Ancient mounds

Biology – Female and Male reproductive systems

Geography – Research project – What an introduction should contain, What the design should contain and different methods available to obtain data.

Social – Scouts


Technology – Making a bottle fan

Geography – Map reading and finding the technology centre,  since we drove instead of going by train.. roadrunner not wanting to get out of bed!

DIY – Building a cat tree, following instructions

Sport – Tae kwando


Sport – Rock Climbing – Roadrunner was the only one there so he managed lots and lots of climbing.

Maths – Different triangles

History – Victorian Farm


Greek Mythology – Gaia – Mother Earth

Physics – Magnetism

Astronomy  – Earths Atmosphere, composition,  benefits and restrictions

Maths – Triangles

Natural History – Hidden Kingdoms – Looking at Grasshopper mice and Shrew’s

Sport –  2 mile Run

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